Blogging is like vegetables.

Okay, I admit it. I broke my own rules. I told you I would be blogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays and here it is Friday with no updates this week. I could tell you how busy I was, or about all the family issues that came up but the truth is I have discovered that blogging is like vegetables.

What? You don’t see the similarities? Come on, really? Okay let me explain. I am not a vegetable person by nature. A small side salad is okay, corn on the cob is great, asparagus is good with enough butter and salt. Veggies as a whole, I can take ‘em or leave ‘em, and I’d really rather leave ‘em.

My wife, on the other hand, loves ‘em. Wants to have them at every meal (or at least every dinner, and most lunches…she even likes that 3 bean salad stuff). Okay? With me so far? I’m sure it is all very clear to you how veggies and blogging are so much alike.

Wait, what? Still not getting it? Okay look at it this way. I am in charge of food at my house most of the time. I plan the menu, do the shopping, and do the cooking. I like to cook. My wife insists we eat healthy, so I cook vegetables…at every dinner… most of the time…unless I can get away with it.

So, over the past 32 years of marriage I have developed a habit of planning dinners with veggies. I pretty much do it without thinking. Protein, a little starch, and green stuff (that’s sometimes other colors, but mostly green). Once in a while I can get away with calling spaghetti sauce vegetables (tomatoes…come on, they count…don’t they?). Anyway, I’m pretty good at getting the veggies in on a regular basis, but every once in a while the old me rears its ugly head. If my wife is preoccupied, and life is getting busy, I can pull out Burgers & chips (potatoes don’t count), Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and the like. Homemade dinners with not a veggie in sight. If we are really busy, I can slide in a couple of fast food nights (the wife can get a salad at McDonald’s, I take a burger & fries…she will put the veggies on her sub, me-not so much). Before you know it I realize I’ve gone a whole week without ingesting one of those little “V” buggers. And you know what? I like it!!

BUT (you knew it was coming)

I know it’s not good for me. I’ve developed a habit of eating veggies, even though I’m a bit indifferent to them, and actually start to feel guilt when I go too long without them.

This is what I did this week here. I skipped Tuesday’s blog, and it felt good, then I felt guilty. And I was really going to write this blog last night, but I let it slide. After blogging the past few weeks, and getting in the habit, I had missed, twice. I do feel guilty. Especially to you, my readers out there.

So you see, blogging is like vegetables. You just need to get in a habit that’s good for you. So for all you readers of my blog, I promise to keep eating my vegetables, and to keep blogging regularly (except when I don’t).

And speaking of you readers, I have done some very precise computations about you. I added up all the comments that I have received since starting this blog, then multiplied by 10, because I’m sure that for every 1 brave poster, there are at least 9 lurkers out there reading along. From this complex equation I can conclude with some precision that I have almost exactly zero readers at this time.

“Well Steve, why are you even posting?” You may ask. (It’s a good question, that I’m sure you would ask…if you were here…which you aren’t…are you??)

The answer is: Well, for the historical significance of this document of course. Some day, after I publish a couple of books, people will actually be interested in what I’m saying in this blog. And of course they will want to catch up on all the wit and wisdom I have imparted over the years. So they (you) will end up here.

By the way, if there actually is someone that reads this please leave me a comment. Please? Even a “you suck” would make my day.

Because Blogging is like vegetables (new tag line-does it work?)

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