Okay, maybe just once per week

Is it really Wednesday already? Yeah of course it is. I did have a lot of veggies tonight if that makes up for being late (yet again).

Anyway, on the writing front. I did get an email from the New York City Literary Agent to tell me she is still interested in my story, but has not yet given it a full read through. I know that agents are very busy people, especially the good ones, so I am taking this as a good sign.

I have changed my current WIP (Work In Progress) back to Fantasy. Yes it does have some romantic elements, but I got a really good idea for a story arc that I just need to work through right now. The werewolf romance is on the back burner, but still sizzling.

Just 21 days to retirement and me becoming a full time writer, so things are picking up. I will catch you guys next time. (when ever that is)


The veggies thing is already getting old, so I’m on the look out for a new tag line….

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