Exciting News

Some good news about my writing I could not wait to share. I received an email from the New York City Literary Agent about my submitted story that starts out:

“First, I love the idea and I truly think it can be a great sale…”

It also Includes:

“it’s just not ready yet.”

Not a sale, but for sure not a rejection. It looks like I have a bit of revision to do before she is ready to represent my story. This is not unexpected of course, and you can bet I will be moving full steam ahead on the revision.

This also means that I will be going back to my werewolf story as my current WIP. This story is set in the same world as the submitted story, and should give me a good followup should my original story sell.

Life moves on. Just 18 more days to retirement and my new, full time career as a writer.


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