I am Frodo

I know now why most people only give about 2 weeks notice before leaving a job. Having decided to retire over 6 months ago, and thinking about the freedom it would give me over those months has been a real drain on my energy level.

I am reminded of Frodo in the Lord of the Rings. At one point he and Sam look across this large broken plain towards Mt. Doom and realize that it is still a long trip. That was me six months ago. They manage to drag themselves across the plain and then, nearly exhausted they begin their climb up the fiery mountain. That was me 2 months ago.

I am now well up the side of the mountain, and the goal is in site (15 days to go) but it feels like I am trudging through each day. Like the ring of doom, reaching the goal is always on  my mind lately. It looms large, and there are days I wonder if I will make it.

Thank goodness I have my writing project. It seems to be the one thing that can distract me from my ‘Mt. Doom’ moods. The hope of publication, starting to connect with the writing community, and just getting into the stories I’m writing has become that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for me.

Now I know all you people who have years of 9 to 5 work ahead of you are probably saying at this point, “Quit Whining!!!” And you are right. It’s coming. The ring of doom will be destroyed. I think I hear the eagles…


I am Frodo.

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