Lovin’ my Beta’s

Well, I have my story edited and I think ready to send in. As a last step I have it now in the hands of 3 beta readers who have promised to be ‘brutally honest’ with me. After I get their comments back I will do one more revision and send it out.

I was also able to make some progress on my short story that I want to submit to an upcoming anthology. Due date is the end of August, so I should have lots of time to finish it and submit.

The big news, of course, is that I only have 2 work days left until retirement. I am so looking forward to being able to write full time. I have story ideas brewing that should now see the light of day.


1 thought on “Lovin’ my Beta’s

  1. We miss you already Steve!!! If you ever need anyone to read one of your stories and give you some feedback, I am your girl! Good luck in the book writing department, I will be looking for your name on the shelves!!!!

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