I’m Back

Wow! What a week. Gencon this year was a blast. I got no work done on my writing, but I did attend some great writing workshops. A big thanks to Elizabeth Vaughan for being inspiring. My first order of business tomorrow (Wednesday is now Library Day) is to find some of her books and devour them.

I did do some work yesterday and today on a yet untitled Fantasy Novel that I believe will become my current WIP. It’s hard fantasy but has romantic elements. I have a little over 16,000 words at this time, and I’m aiming for around 100,000, so I have a ways to go. It’s set in the same world (named Harth) as my severed chapter, but happens about 500 years later. The book that the severed chapter is from still sits in utter disarray, but serves as a good basis for the current project. Of course it is my hope that an entire series, chronicling the vast history of the world of Harth is eventually published.

Time will tell.


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