Finding inspiration on the road

I’ve been traveling. My writing schedule has been a bit disrupted the past few weeks as we prepared then headed out on a great adventure, allegedly to deliver a load of ‘stuff’ to my son at his new home in El Paso,  TX. But it’s also been a fun little vacation away from housework, and the everyday. I have to admit, I haven’t written much the past two weeks, but over the past three days I’ve been inspired, and this mornings session was pretty productive.

The inspiration started with our hotel, Sunday night, in Coralville, Iowa. It was completely castle themed. What fun…


The next day we stopped in Hannibal, MO, to see the Mark Twain museum and historical site. They’ve got a lot of great stuff here. Well worth the stop.

And then last night we rolled into Roswell, NM, and spent today out looking for aliens.

Yup, we found ’em.

What more inspiration does a budding author need? I’ve got another week on the road before I return home. Maybe I’ll find a bit more.

Until next time,


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