New year. New project.

I’m waiting on a bit of last minute beta input on There’s no such thing as Werewolves, but for the most part it’s ready to send out to my agent. I wrote up the summary this morning and I am quite excited on how it all turned out.

My plan has been to jump over to my Fantasy Novel at the start of the year, but that has all changed. A new story has been growing in my mind lately and I just have to get it down. I made a trip to the library yesterday to pick up some books on Norse Mythology. My hero is going to be the son of Thor, and I’ll be working in lots of Norse gods and myths. Think¬† Sherrilyn Kenyonish romance, Percy Jackson all grown up, and a dash of Lefse for spice. (“…dash of Lefse for spice.” that’s probably the first time that line has ever been used ūüôā )

Anyway, I am naming the project Son of Thunder and really looking forward to jumping into it.

Happy Holidays.


Back on Track

Well, it’s a bright and shiny Monday morning, and most of my Betas have responded, so it’s time to get back to work on There’s no such thing as werewolves. I really want to get this story out to my agent before Christmas.

I am now torn on my next project. I had planned on trying to finish up my Fantasy novel, Amulet of the Fallen God, but last week I got a great new idea for a Romance story. It’s only half baked at this time, but the story is growing on me and I may need to at least flesh it out before I loose it.

In any case that’s for after Christmas. For right now it’s edit, edit, edit…