Half time

Well the band isn’t marching on the field, and I’m certainly not heading for the locker room, but today I passed 50,000 words in my new novel, Son of Thunder. It’s been quite a ride.  50,000 words in thirty one days. I am really loving the story and hope I can keep up this pace. I had hoped to hit the end (100,000 words) somewhere around the end of February, so I’m still on track.

I’m at a juncture in the story, a place where I could continue to add story arcs, or start the drive toward the final climax. I know there are sections I rushed through that need to be fleshed out. I am more than half way through the story, I am pretty sure, but how close to the end? Well I just don’t know. So to that end, tomorrow I am going to start an editing run on what I have already written, to shore up the story and see how close to the end I really am.

I have put Jord and Meghan (my hero and heroin) through hell so far, facing Frost Giants, Dark Elves, and a few real nasties, and they are starting to look at me each morning with that “What? More?” kind of look in their eyes. I just smile and keep throwing rocks at them, but the pile of rocks is starting to run out. We will see if I piled up enough, or will have to go looking for more.

Fun Fact: The handle on Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) was made a bit short, the whole thing is way out of balance, so he uses a pair of iron gloves called Járngreipr (Iron Gripper) to handle and throw it. Yeah, the gloves play an important role in my story, but not as important as Thors other big possession, Megingjörð the power belt.

Until next time,


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