Think time

Well, I’m still ahead of my schedule on Son of Thunder but I haven’t written much in the past three days, and I just figured out why. I was hitting this huge block in one of the new subplots I came up with. The big problem, that I just realized, was that even though it was fun and added to the story, it never integrated with the story at all, it was just a stand alone ‘thing’ that happened, then the story went on, but it could have been left out because it had no impact on the rest of the book.

So for the past Two days I’ve been plunking my way through this section and nothing was gelling. I gave up yesterday morning and decided to work on some of those household projects that I’ve been putting off. All the while I was working I couldn’t stop thinking about this story section. I may have actually made myself sick, because by the end of the day I felt like crap, but that might just have been from actually doing some physical  labor for a change instead of pounding on a keyboard.

In any case, I decided to sleep in this morning, and as the light started to leak into the bedroom (I usually rise in darkness) it suddenly hit me what was wrong. I can now see the new scene clearly in my head, and the effect it will have on the end of the book. I’m going to have to go back and tear out quite a bit of the past week’s work, but in the end I think it will really be worth it.

So, to sum up, after hitting my first significant block,  I’m back on track. Now the subplot will have a significant effect on the ending of the book. In fact it makes the final battle quite a bit more epic.

Moral: Sometime writers block is a good thing.


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