So I finally read through all of A Passion for Painting that I have already written and realize that there is a lot less there than I thought, and it made me realize that I have this problem. I write a lot in my head, but I don’t always get it down on paper. Like so many of my uncompleted projects, while I was working on it I envisioned scenes in my head but never got around to writing them.

Anyway, chapter 3 will be up shortly, but chapter 4 is a bit of a hot mess, and by hot I mean hot. It’s the first sex scene of the book, and that part is written. I just left out most of the build up to it, and there’s a lot. I mean these two just met and I threw them right into the sack. So I have my work cut out for me and, as this is a side project, it may be a while before chapter 4 gets posted.

Speaking of side projects, I had a friend challenge me to a writing contest, and I’ve picked up the gauntlet to enter the next quarter Writers of the Future contest with a short story called Naphtoe’s Protector. It’s a story I started a while ago while creating some characters for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure with some friends and I think it will also, at some point, be the opening chapter of a book I want to write. In any case, once again, most of the story was in my head, but now it’s down on paper (well in the computer).

So much writing to do, and I’m finding it harder to write in the summer than when there’s snow on the ground. Oh well, autumn is coming…


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