The severed chapter – Severed once again

I am beginning the redesign/reboot of this blog and my first act was to get rid of the severed chapter section. In the following weeks I will be also deleting Purple Passion and A Passion for Painting. I have decided to abandon the Passion for Painting project as I have been pulled into a new writing project that is absorbing a lot of my time right now and could mark a new direction in my career. I’ll give you some more details as the project unfolds. It’s something I’m very excited about.

Until next time…


Looking forward

It has been a busy summer for me. Far too many irons in the fire. I am truly looking forward to Autumn and a slow down in outside activity so I can concentrate more on my writing.

Right now I plan on concentrating on the rewrite/edit of Son of Thunder. It’s almost ready, and probably just needs one more run through. Then I have to get it sold, and I’m looking at all my options there.

I’m also thinking about redoing/rebooting this blog. Where I will go with it I’m not sure, but I have a few ideas rumbling around in my head.

In any case it’s time to refocus on my writing. I just joined the Romance Writers of America, and have plans to join the Wisconsin Regional Writers Association and the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. All three organizations should help inspire and support my writing.

So as the cooler weather moves in this Autumn, look for me to turn up the heat on my writing.

Until next time,