It was a busy summer for me and the end result is that my writing suffered, as did my blogging. It’s time for a reboot. Of my blog and my writing. The fall and winter months will afford me lots of time to spend in front of my computer, and if I can just kick my gaming addiction down a few gears I should be able to get some quality writing done.

I have decided to go back to my roots a bit and am revisiting my Demon Gate series. Demons of Dusk will be the third book, and the story is really growing in my mind right now. It’s twenty-five years in the future and this story centers on the children conceived in the first two books. It’s a dark future where the demons have taken over earth. Conversely the humans in the demon dimension have made great strides. I’m still banging together the first few chapters, but it is shaping up to be a really fun ride.

I may do some major editing of the first two books in the series, possibly add story and expand the world a bit. I’m going to check with my agent on what she thinks of the idea.

I also plan to reboot this blog, taking down some old content, creating some new and getting back to blogging regularly. I will be abandoning the A Passion for Painting project and taking down Purple Passion in preparation for some new content.

Welcome Autumn! Time to dig in.



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