Today I am an Author

Up until today I’ve been a writer. I’d write stuff and send it out hoping to be published, and gratefully accept the rejection. I need to write anyway. The stories in my brain keep mounting up begging to be put on the page.

Today, however, I took a step forward. I had decided early on that I would not call my self an author until I actually got something published. Today I received word that my short story, A Requiem for Poseidon, will be published in the upcoming anthology Like A Coming Wave, from Circlet press (

Today I will start to call myself and AUTHOR! It is a very good day.



1 thought on “Today I am an Author

  1. Congratulations!! I don’t know of anyone more deserving! Your talent, hard work, dedication, and perseverance finally put you in the position you are now, and it’s only the first step to something bigger! Share more information when you can on the type of publication, when it will be released, etc.

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