A love story

I write romance. Love stories. One person finding that one other person, the one that completes them, then doing what they have to for that ‘happy ever after’ ending. I have been privileged to witness a real life love story unfolding right before my eyes over the past two years, and I have to admit, it’s better than anything I will ever write.

This past weekend I attended the wedding of my son and my new daughter-in-law. A chance meeting on the internet threw together two individuals from different worlds, different countries. Governmental red tape, language barriers, and frustrations that would have broken apart many couples, simply brought these two closer together, fighting for their love and their lives together. And thank goodness. They are so right for each other.

In my writing I often look at the motivations of my characters. What draws them together? What tears them apart? At the heart of it all is Love.

And love is…unbelievable!


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