Last Friday, while I was out of town, the postman brought me a huge Christmas present.Holding the check in my hands it still feels a bit unreal. My first paycheck as a professional writer. Okay, its only $25.00, but it sure feels great to have made some real, actual money with my little ‘hobby’.

As my body of work continues to grow, and I look into new avenues for publication, I’m looking forward to a few more paychecks in the coming year. Amulet of the Fallen God is really close to being finished. I just have a few more chapters to edit then it’s off to my beta readers. This will give me two completed novels, and three novellas. I am seriously considering self publishing Cheetah and Zoom, to test the waters of self publishing. An artist friend of mine is working on some artwork, and my wife has offered to look into how to package the product, so we will see.

I have lots of work to do, and a bright new year to do it in. My new years writing resolution is to finish two more novels. One will be a romance, the other probably Science Fiction. I’d also like to finish the third novella in the Demon Gate saga. I’m going to keep throwing stuff at the publication wall to see if anything sticks.

Happy Holidays to everyone,


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