Adventures in Self-Publishing

Well it’s done. Swiftly Beats the Heart is now available on kindle from Amazon. For some reason the wrong cover is showing, but I’m not concerned. It took me three attempts at publishing it and this was the original cover I uploaded, so I’m hoping it fixes itself over time. The right cover displays when you look inside. Click here for a link to it.

But wait until tomorrow to order it and it will be Free!!!

More big news:

While waiting for the kindle version to publish I started playing around with Createspace. It turned out to be incredibly easy to navigate so I will also have a print version of Swiftly Beats the Heart available soon as well, for anyone wanting to read the book who doesn’t have the ability to read the kindle version, or just likes to hold a real book in their hands. I just ordered the proof of the book and it should be in my hands on Wednesday. It’s hard to imagine, and I am so looking forward to it.

I’ll let you all know when it’s available.

Exciting times,


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