Coming soon

I’m getting close to the release of my second book:

There’s no such thing as Werewolves – Demons Rising: Book 1

Over the past week I picked up a program called Book Cover Pro and purchased rights for the cover picture from iStockPhoto. I think the cover design is a vast improvement over the one I threw together for Swiftly Beats the Heart. I’ve also purchased rights for the picture I’ll be using in the 2nd book of the series:



The Forsaken Templar – Demons Rising: Book 2

I am very excited about this series. The Forsaken Templar needs an extensive edit, but I hope to have it ready to publish next month. I have also got a good start on the third book in this series. You can read the descriptions of these books on my newly updated Worlds Page.




Stay tuned for the big release announcement,


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