Finding your people

I was watching an interesting video this morning that I’d like to share.

Here’s the link:

If the above link isn’t working click here.

There’s a place toward the end where he tells the wonderful story of a girl that becomes a dancer. She’s sent to a dancing school and is suddenly surrounded by people just like her. I could so identify with this. I love my small hometown, and have lived here all my life, but it is not the kind of place that nurtures creativity. I’ve been putting words on the blank page (off and on) for over thirty years, thinking writing is a lonely type of thing, done in seclusion and only brought out when you have something completed. How wrong I was.

Just last year I was invited into a wonderful writing group call Writers Voice. Like that little girl in the story above I was suddenly in a group of people like me. A place we could share parts of stories, ideas, and community.

A bit later I discovered the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. Again, people like me. The members of my local branch have been so incredibly supportive, and the online community gives me a consistent source of spiritual nourishment and encouragement.

I’ve always felt a bit of an outcast in my home community – that guy that just didn’t fit in – but when I’m with these people…I’m home.

So I guess what I’m saying here is: No matter what you are pursuing, seek out and find people like you. Believe in yourself and find the people who will believe in and support your dreams.

To all those who understand…thanks!


1 thought on “Finding your people

  1. Great post.

    I have very strong opinions on this topic, so I’ll try not to make my reply longer than your post. 🙂

    It’s important that anyone, no matter what they are doing, find the self-confidence they need to succeed. Seeking out peers pursing similar dreams is a great way to do so. And with current technology, it’s much easier for people to come together in ways that just weren’t possible all that long ago.

    I’ll argue that art in any form -writing, painting, theater, music, etc., is a wonderful thing. To me, there are no bad works of art. When you create something from scratch, building and molding it together with your mind and hands, it becomes something fantastic.

    The world is full of critics and even some of the most celebrated works of art will forever draw criticism. It’s a painful reality that in the world of writing, most aspiring authors will never be published by a major publishing house. Maybe someone’s work isn’t grammatically sound, doesn’t flow, or fails to build a world people are interested in reading about. Although it may not be for the masses, it doesn’t mean it isn’t art, or that you shouldn’t be proud of what you’ve created. Nor does it mean you should give up.

    Stay strong, push forward, and follow your dreams. Where would the world be today if we didn’t?

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