Templer Time

The past few days I’ve been working on the final edit on The Forsaken Templar. It’s the second book in the Demons Rising series, and picks up the saga pretty much right after the events in There’s no such thing as Werewolves. I actually wrote this story before I wrote Werewolves, so I’m adding Anna, Jack, JJ, and the other characters from that book into the storyline. Characters I know and love, but that I hadn’t created when I first wrote the story. In fact the only character from Werewolves that originally appeared in Templar is Nathan Gray, and I think you’re going to love what I do with him in this story.

The world of the Demons Rising Saga is much more vivid in my mind now, and I love where the story is taking me. I have a bit of a start on a third book, but I am undecided as to whether it will actually be the next book in the series. Demons of Dusk takes place far into the future and is centered on the child conceived in Werewolf. There might be other tales I need to write between these two books. It’s something I’ll be considering over the summer.

In any case, I hope to have The Forsaken Templar out for sale in the next two or three weeks. I will probably not have another book out after that until next fall. This summer I will be reworking Son of Thunder. and querying it to agents. My self-publishing experiment has been fun and educational, but I still want to try and go the traditional route with this novel. We will see.

Believe me, I know I’m no Amanda Hocking, but I do feel the wheels of progress starting to turn. It’s always a kick to know that someone out there might be reading my stories.

Until next time,


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