Price drop!

I’ve just dropped the price of my first book, Swiftly Beats the Heart, to $.99 for the Kindle version. I’m hoping to pick up a few more sales and generate some more interest. I really just love the idea that people are reading my words, and I’m hoping this price will make it more appealing for people to pick up and try my writing.

I’m also hoping for a few more reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Etc….honest reviews from people I don’t know. It’s really the only way I’ll know if my writing is any good. I love my family and the many friends that told me how much they liked the story, but I really need unbiased opinions and true critique if I am going to advance as an author. I’m under no delusions that I’m writing great literature. I’m just at the start of this new venture, and any feedback, even a 1-star, scathing review, would probably be beneficial.

So, here we go…$.99. Buy it here:



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