The Adopt a Werewolf campaign is on!!!

That’s right. Now you can have your very own soft, furry demon from another dimension. Thousands are waiting to be adopted right now. Yes, we know, There’s no such thing as Werewolves, but if we’d called this the Adopt a Whargan campaign would you be here now?

Think of it. Your very own snarling Whargan demon. So many are homeless right now, baying at the moon, waiting for a place they can call home. (They don’t even need shots. I mean rabies is scared of these guys.) Surely you have a place in your heart, or on your Kindle device, for a furry, snarling creature from hell.

The line is open now, straight to, and they are FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

Yup, the Kindle version of There’s no such thing as Werewolves is FREE, now through Monday. Get yours today!

Follow me on Twitter @AuthorSMitchell or Facebook at to follow the Adopt a Werewolf campaign.


4 thoughts on “The Adopt a Werewolf campaign is on!!!

  1. Haha I would love to adopt a werewolf. I had one push me over the other day and to sprinkle more humour into the moment, he sat on my foot. I’ll have to check this book out soon 🙂

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