The appeal of the new.

Well, I’ve reached the halfway point in the first draft of Knight of the Night, and even though the characters have taken me places I didn’t imagine I would go, things look to be on track. I’ve never had two lovers so reluctant to climb into bed, but Ryan and Salina finally got there. I’ve also engineered the (temporary) return of Geoffrey and Kelly from The Forsaken Templar and incorporated Jack and Anna from There’s no such thing as Werewolves, to give you some new insights into their lives and set the stage for the series of novels I plan to write set 25 years in the future in the Demons Rising Universe.

I love this world I’ve created, and enjoying telling its story, but I am ready to take a break from it. Daughter of Darkness and Destiny: Cloud Fist have both been calling to me lately, and a fist full of new tales, set in new worlds, keep tumbling through my crazy, little mind. There’s an appeal to dropping what I’m currently doing to embrace something new and different, but I plan to push through and have Knight of the Night ready for release by the end of September, then give myself the rest of the year to explore other worlds.

Now, I have to get back to work. Nathan Gray just made his way back to Earth, and he’s got some things to tell me that I don’t imagine I’m going to like.
Until next time,


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