Recovery and beyond.

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. I spent most of last week at the Gencon Gaming convention in Indianapolis. I was able to do a bit of promotion and made some great contacts. The payback has been a few days of lethargy and lousy writing. I feel I’m back on track now, though, and ready to plot my way into the future.

I’m going to be stepping back a bit, over the next few weeks to reevaluate my game-plan. The past two years have been a real learning experience. One of the things I have decided to do at one point, is to pull all my books and redo the covers. This will make those original versions incredibly rare. So if I ever do make it big, my original fans may have a real collectors item.

Anyway, around the time I finish the third Demons Rising book I will be pulling the other two off the market for a bit then relaunching the series. I have also decided to scrap the title of the third book. I haven’t come up with the new title yet, but Knight of the Night just isn’t fitting the story that’s emerging.

Also on my platter for later this year, I have decided to self-pub my Fantasy novel, Amulet of the Fallen God. I am considering doing a Kickstarter on this book to raise money for professional editing and a nice cover. It is again something new to look into, but I was able to talk to some people doing this and it seems a good path to take.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening in my little world. Now back to writing…

Until next time,


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