The Creative Process

Lately I’ve found myself with so many creative irons in the fire I’m jumping from one thing to the next. Some days I find myself writing in the morning, doing Music for the the New IRPMUS Gaming system in the afternoon and attending play practice in the evening. I can’t remember ever being so happily busy. There is something about hanging out with creative people that is stimulating.

A few days ago I attended a meeting of my local writers group, where we discussed self-publishing and publishing in general. Being the most advanced of the group I was happy to share my knowledge. Later that evening I was struggling to learn a Jazz Box dance step for our theater production. (I’m not much of a dancer.) A couple of the young people stepped up to help me out. It’s got me thinking lately about the creative community, and how different it is from the corporate atmosphere I worked in most of my life. People climbing the corporate ladder tend to push or hold others down as they work their way to the top. My experience in the creative communities is that others tend to want to pull you up with them.

With that thought in mind, I’d like to highlight some creative people on the way up, that could use a helping hand. A couple of guys from my IRPMUS Live Improv Group have struck out to create a game system from our onstage lunacy, and from what I can see they have a pretty creative product in production. To help get started they created a Kickstarter campaign. I myself have signed on at the Pig Snouted Goblin level, and am looking forward to receiving the game system and other benefits of this level, which look to be a bargain.

If you’ve got a bit of time, stop by and check out the IRPMUS Ultimate Role Playing Game Kickstarter at:

You can get in for as little as $2.00 on something unique and creative.
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