Get ready for act 2!

Well, my brief stint as an actor is over (for now anyway). We had a great run this weekend. Lots of laughs and applause, so I must have done something right.

I had a ton of fun, and interacted with an incredibly talented cast and crew.

And…I’m exhausted. After the final performance we tore down the set, and moved costumes, props and set pieces back into storage. There is so much that goes on before and after the show that people don’t see, and so many people onstage and behind the scenes that make the magic happen. It is a complete team effort.

It was a creative process much like my writing. We built scenes, created characters and told a story. We had a fantastic director to pull all the pieces together.

But, unlike writing, this was a group effort. Tomorrow (yeah, I’m giving myself today off) it’s back to just me and my computer.

Then again, I now have a publisher on my team, and an artist working on my book cover… and soon an editor helping me sharpen my story. I also have a wonderful (and growing) group of friends and fans, my audience, reading my books and following me. Maybe writing is not so different from putting on a play. If I think of Swiftly Beats the Heart as my overture and Demons Rising as my first act, then it appears that Son of Thunder is just waiting in the wings.

Get ready for Act 2!

Until next time,



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