End of year project cleanup and writing resolutions.

Well 1012 has been a good year for me and my writing. I published my first book, and got a contract for the publication of my first novel. I started the year with a pledge to myself to ‘throw everything I had at the publishing wall, just to see what would stick,’ and it looks like quite a bit of it did. By years end I will have five published works (4 self published novellas and a professionally published short story). Okay I hear you, I currently only have 3 novellas published, but this morning I put up the files for Seeds of Immortality on Amazon and Createspace, and if things go like they usually do, will have it available before the end of the year.

It’s one more project off my plate. With the release of Seeds of Immortality, I plan on bowing out of the self publishing platform, at least for now, to concentrate on producing novels for my new publisher, Soul Mate Publishing. Earlier this week I finished the final edits on Son of Thunder, and am anxiously looking forward to the cover and release date.

As I move into 2013, it’s nice to have these projects off my plate, so I can move into the new year with a fairly clean slate. At the current time I have only two open projects, both of them books I am co-authoring with other romance authors. they are fun, exciting projects I will continue to move forward with in the coming year. On top of those I have three novels slated for the coming year:

1. Daughter of Darkness – The sequel to Son of Thunder.

2. Hearts in Orbit – A stand-alone romance novel set in outer space in the far future.

3. A NaNoWriMo novel – I am really going to try and do NaNoWriMo this next year. (We’ll see)

Of course, everything is subject to change…and probably will.

Until next time…when I announce that Seeds of Immortality is available!!!!


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