Redeem a Templar.

Templar minicover

From The Forsaken Templar:

With a crack of thunder the doorway to purgatory slid open, ripping the bonds of reality. Through the mist a gaunt, old man stepped between the world of the living and the world of the damned. Nathan Gray was seeking a soul.

     His crisp black suit and clean white shirt seemed an ordered contrast to the chaos around him. His stilted walk was slow but purposeful. It was not his age that he felt, but rather the weight of humanity resting on his shoulders.

     A thousand voices cried out in hope – so many souls, doomed to spend eternity in torment. Nathan hardened his heart against the assault on his senses.  He knew the one he sought. Geoffrey le Court had never once called out to him. Yet, of them all, Geoffrey was the most deserving of redemption.

Well, the souls are piling up in purgatory, and the place is in complete disarray,  but you can help. Yes, right now we are featuring our Redeem a Templar Promotion. Thousands of crusty old dead knights are lining up at the gates of purgatory, and ready to fly to your Kindle device or Kindle reader. Just like Nathan Gray, you can redeem your own Templar Knight, and the best part is, it’s FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

Yes, through Sunday, January 27, you can get The Forsaken Templar (Kindle edition) Free.

There’s a tortured soul just waiting for you right here:

Show them you care.


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