An internal dialog.

Some days I open my blog and get ready to post, and can’t think of a thing to say. It’s a dangerous time, when my mind is prone to wonder off along uncharted paths. Today was one of those days. I have no idea where the following came from. Maybe I just needed another cup of coffee.

Couple at Bar

A writer and an editor walk into a bar.

Writer: “It’s a dark and stormy night.”

Editor: “Never start with the weather.”

Writer: “I sold my first novel.”

Editor: “So you finally won one.”

Writer: “I’m going to write a second book.”

Editor: “I agree that you should move to two, too.”

Writer: “I’m just not sure what to write.”

Editor: “What do you really want to do?”

Writer: “I don’t want to do nothing?”

Editor: “Now you’re just being double negative.”

Writer: “Okay, how big of a book should I write?”

Editor: “You need to let your weight wait until you have your subject.”

Writer: “I’d like to write something historical.”

Editor: “Well, you’re going to want your yore correct.”

Writer: “What do you mean?”

Editor: “Historical readers are finicky. They’re going to want their there.”

Writer: “So I need to get my facts straight.”

Editor: “Yes, you need to write right.”

Writer: “But there are some things I don’t know. No?”

Editor: “That’s when you need to ask your grammar.”

Couple touching glasses of red red wine


With great apologies,


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