It’s baaaaack!

Yup, it’s time once again for our popular Adopt a Werewolf campaign. Here at A writer’s Haven we’re dedicated to finding homes for these adorable growling, fanged demons from another dimension. I mean, can you look in these eyes and say no?

wolf snarl2

So many of you have commented to me about the joys of having a werewolf to cuddle up with around the house, and it has warmed my heart. I’ve even heard of people passing around their werewolves just so others can know the joy of spending quality time a vicious, fanged creature. Well, we won’t be happy until everyone has a werewolf of their very own.

Remember, Werewolves, with their big, glowing red eyes, razor sharp fangs, and blood drenched talons, slice, dice and make wonderful Julianne fries. They are something you can take with you on your Kindle or Kindle app device, wherever you go.

Yup, now through Tuesday you can get your very own Kindle copy of There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves…FREE! Join the thousands of werewolf owners, cowering under the covers at night reading the Demons Rising series, while their cuddly pet snarls and scratches at the bedroom door.

Adopt a Werewolf today. It’s Free! (Click here to start your adventure)


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