WisRWA Write Touch Conference special

Well, I’ll be off tomorrow for the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America Write Touch Conference for a weekend of hobnobbing with my fellow writing wizards. You can find out all about it here: http://www.wisrwa.org/conference.html

I am so looking forward to it.

At last year’s conference I gave away a copy of There’s No Such Thing As Werewolves to everyone that attended. This year I’m giving away a copy of the sequel, The Forsaken Templar, to everyone that attends…and to everyone who can’t attend.

small Templar cover

That’s right. Even if you can’t attend the conference you can get your free copy of The Forsaken Templar. I’ve put the Kindle version on sale today through Monday for $.00. Free! Go get yours now, before they run out. (Okay, they won’t run out. It’s an ebook.) You can get it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0081S8LPO

Now, I have to go pack.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “WisRWA Write Touch Conference special

  1. Cool. I have a kindle now. Guess what I will be reading this weekend. 😉 Ironic though, since you’ll be there too. Thank you Steve. Oh, yeah I have to pack too.

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