It never gets old.

I returned home last night from a wonderful week with friends at the Gen Con Gaming Convention to find a wonderful surprise:

SoT Unboxing

I have received my first shipment of the paperback edition of Son of Thunder.

Even though the ‘book’ has been out since February, it didn’t seem completely real until the moment I held it in my hand.

That incredible feeling of holding your baby in your hand for the first time…that never gets old. Every book I’ve put out, I’ve waited with high anticipation for the paperback edition to arrive. This one took over 6 months, but it was well worth the wait. Now I will have it available for book signings, and can drop one off at my local library.

Okay, enough gloating, I have to get back to work on the next one.


1 thought on “It never gets old.

  1. Congrats, Steven! I totally agree…the paper version is still the best thing this side of winning the lottery. We grew up loving ‘real’ books, holding them and carrying them around for a sneak peek. How fabulous that you have another one that’s all yours!

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