Update on Kindle Update.

I got a reply to my inquiry about Kindle Update. Say what you want about Amazon, they have always replied quickly to any problems I’ve had. Anyway, here’s what they sent me:

Hello Steve,

I hope you’re having a nice day!

I’m sorry for the issue you’ve experienced while trying to update the books version. What happens is that at this time, customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content. Our technical team is aware of this issue, and are working towards automating this process.

In the meantime, we can manually send the updated content to your device. Before we send it, you should be aware that once the new content is received, features such as Highlights, Last Page Read and Bookmarks will be removed and the locations of notes may not match in the updated copy of your book.

If you still wish to receive the corrected version, I kindly ask you to reply back to us and let us know you want receive the new version. We’ll then send the revised content to your devices.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us back. We’ll be glad to help you.

Thanks for using Amazon KDP.

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