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Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

If you found me via LaNora Mangano’s wonderful blog, or you’re just starting your Romance Weekly journey here, welcome. Some probing questions and fun answers lie ahead as you make the rounds.

Here are my answers to today’s probing questions:

1. Do you prefer to write futuristic, contemporary or historical romances and why?

iStock_000024243275LargeI would have to go with futuristic. In fact…BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I just received a contract from Soul Mate Publishing for a new novel entitled Hearts in Orbit: The Blarmling Dilemma, a deep space, Sci-Fi, futuristic romance.

I have the utmost respect for historical writers. They have to do a ton of research, and be so knowledgeable in the era of history they are writing. Get something wrong, and your readers will let you know. Me? I prefer to make things up. Who’s to say in the future there won’t be a substance called gandasol used in powering starships, or a new ore discovered called synganite? By the time we find out, I’ll be long gone.

2. What is your favorite time in history and how and why does it inspire you?

I’m going to pick prehistoric times. Not the dinosaurs, but the history of man before things were written down and recorded. Once again, no facts to go back and look at, so it makes for a cleaner slate to paint my story against. Old gods and dead religions, creatures long gone extinct—what could be more fun to play with? I set the background of my Demons Rising series in old Atlantis. I did a bit or research there, but made most of it up. Go ahead. Prove I got it wrong.

3. How has your life experience contributed to your writing?

I’ve had a long and varied employment history, which is a nice way of saying I didn’t stick with any one job very long. I’ve been a commercial copywriter, radio announcer, computer game programmer, banker, musician, librarian, computer desktop support specialist, and network analyst. I’ve also owned and operated my own business, a retail hobby shop and book store.
Lots of different jobs and experiences, but it seemed I was never satisfied and always looking for that next step up financially that also offered something different to learn and experience. Even when I hit that last job, with the ‘golden handcuffs’ that gave me wages and benefits far above what I had expected I’d ever make without a college degree, I never stopped looking. That was probably the reason I went back to my writing in hopes of making enough to step away from the computer field. Now that I’m ‘retired’ and writing full time, who knows what’s next. I’m thinking astronaut…or lion tamer.


I hear you out there. Yes, I have spies all over the interwebs. You’re wondering what the other authors of Romance Weekly answered. Start (or continue) the tour by visiting the wonderful Jeana E. Mann

Intoxicated by Jeana E. Mann




17 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – #LOVECHATWRITE

  1. Second actual LOL of the day goes to you Steve with “Go ahead. Prove I got it wrong.” Love your pre-history defence and very excited for Hearts in Orbit. Great stuff! Congrats.

  2. Congrats on your contract!!! I love being published with Soul Mate Publishing 🙂 I also adore your ‘prove me wrong’ statement 🙂 Your blog is fantastic!!!

  3. Ahh… the love/hate relationship that comes with a job in the computer field. I’m glad you were able to fit writing into your life.

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