Have you ever wished you could go back and relive parts of your life knowing everything you do now? I know I do.

Starting out on this whole writing adventure I made my share of mistakes. Thankfully, at least on my self-published books, I always have the opportunity to go back and make changes. This will be the third, and hopefully last, set of changes to my 4 novellas, which will include new covers and tweaking in the text fonts and interior design to improve readablilty. The stories themselves will not change, so if you have an earlier version there’s no reason to update.

Anyway, today I posted the updated files for the print and digital version of Swiftly Beats The Heart so it is currently unavailable for purchase. When it comes back up all the new stuff will be (hopefully) active.

Here’s the new cover:

Swiftly Half Cover3

2 thoughts on “Ch…ch…ch…changes

  1. Speak it, Steven, speak it. It’s a constant growing process this writing and every time I learn something new, it makes me want to start tweaking again.

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