Thursday Threads

Welcome to Thursday Threads where each week we feature another Soul Mate Romance.


This week we highlight  The Perfect Duke by Dawn Ireland




Title: The Perfect Duke
Genre: Historical Romance (Late Georgian Era)
Heat Level: Sensual

Back Cover Blurb

Known as The Marble Duke amongst the Ton, Garret Weston, the Duke of Kendal sets himself apart from his peers. Nothing will hinder his guilt-driven attempt to become a perfect duke. Nothing that is, save the alluring and imaginative betrothed he’d thought dead. His intended believes-of all things-that she is a Vicar’s daughter. The “perfect” duke needs a “perfect” duchess, but how was he to discern her suitability? Employing her as a governess to his niece seemed like an ideal solution. But whose “suitability” is being tested? His betrothed refuses to see he is beyond redemption. And most grievous of all, she stirs his blood, making him forget what’s important.

Cara believes fairy tales really can come true, until she meets the unrelenting and arrogant Duke of Kendal. He looks like a Prince, but acts like a Beast. Why must he challenge her at every turn? Her greatest peril is her attraction to the vulnerable, seductive man behind the title. A match between them would be impossible. But can she show him, without losing her heart that “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder?



“The horse seems to know you.”
“He should. There was a time when I practically lived in the stable. Storm was my favorite.”
“What happened?”
“I became a duke.”
He straightened and forced his features into a mask of indifference. “So, Rachel loves horses.” He turned to face Cara. “I can appreciate my niece’s fondness, but I can not allow her to frequent the stable.”
“Why not?”
“It is not proper for young ladies of her station.”
“Garret, she’s a child.”
It was the first time she’d used his name, and somehow, Rachel visiting the horses didn’t seem like such a large request. “I will only allow it if she uses the passageway. At least I can keep the knowledge of her visits to a minimum. If you come with her, you will need to use the tunnel as well.”
“I can’t.”
“Why not?”
She blushed and turned away. “I’m afraid.” She said it so quietly, he wasn’t sure he heard her.
“Afraid? Of what?”
“Dark, enclosed places. Even as a child, I fell asleep with a candle burning.” She faced him and gave a small smile. “Perhaps I’m afraid that a beast will gobble me up in the dark.”
“There are no beasts at Belcraven, Miss McClure. I would not allow anyone to hurt you.”
“Never.” He started toward her and stopped. Damn, it would be better if he didn’t get close to her. As he left the stable, her whisper followed him.
“Not even you?”



The Perfect Duke

Thursday Threads

Welcome to Thursday Threads where each week we feature another Soul Mate Romance.


This week we highlight  Casey’s Courage by Neva Brown:


Neva Brown - Casey's Courage



Love hunkers down and hides but abides until Casey and Tres realize life without love is just existing not really living.

Just as accomplished horse trainer Casey Mason, PhD feels she’s earned her independence, disaster strikes and her life is forever changed. She must put her life back together bit by piece. The obstacles and her old beliefs seem insurmountable; making her wonder if love can conquer all.

Jordan Spencer III (Tres) inherits Spencer Ranch where Casey, the riding buddy of his youth, still lives. Casey, a beautiful, complex woman, slips into his mind and heart. Bitter experiences make him shy away from a serious relationship with a woman; yet he and Casey have a special connection. As she struggles with her rehabilitation, he micromanages her life with quiet efficiency until he pushes her past some invisible line. When Casey disappears from his life, he learns more about himself than makes him comfortable. Coming to terms with the past so he can move on to a future with Casey is a challenge that tests his mettle.


Neva Brown, a retired secondary teacher/administrator, now enjoys the challenge of writing romance novels and doing editing for other romance writers. She has even ventured into the social media world of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as having a website; . Her family accepts her eccentricities with equanimity. Neva spent most of her life on West Texas ranches and uses that culture and environment in many of her stories. She and her husband now live at Rio Concho West in San Angelo, Texas. They enjoy visits from their two sons and their families, are always delighted to hear from old friends, and are amazed at how well they have adjusted to ‘city’ living. Neva loves to hear from her readers. She can be reached at .

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Queen of Hearts

 If you’re joining me from Jami Denise‘s wonderful blog, or just starting your journey here, welcome.



  Susan Peterson Wisnewski is putting up a writers challenge this week: write a piece of flash fiction using three words – candle, chocolate and scarf, let’s try to keep it to about 100 – 150 words.



Here’s mine:

A Taste to Remember


A single candle lit the room. She’d be living in darkness from this day forth.

“Are you ready, love?” Gerald’s passionate gaze tamed the butterflies in Gwen’s stomach.

“One last taste, as we agreed,” she answered.

Gerald nodded, placing the chocolate on her waiting tongue.

A Knipschild dark chocolate truffle, the most expensive chocolate in the world, tasted like heaven. But was it memorable enough to last her a thousand years?

As the sweetness slid easily down her throat, she knew she would miss this flavor most of all.

Loosening her scarf, she bared her neck, tilting her head to the side. “Do it.”

The pain passed quickly and, as her old life drained from the two punctures in her neck, the rich chocolaty aftertaste in her mouth turned to bitter ash.

She sighed, wondering if she’d given up too much for eternal life.


Would you give up chocolate for eternal life? Let me know in the comments below, then click through to visit Veronica Forand and see what she wrote.

Thursday Threads

Today on Thursday Threads we feature C. T. Green‘s The S.E.R.A. Files Volume 2:


Title: The S.E.R.A. Files Volume II
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: Sizzling


Will satisfaction be guaranteed?
For Serena Roberts, getting to know her new SERA partner is an uphill task. Simon’s distant and ‘by the book’ demeanor is at odds with his playboy past. Serena believes she’ll never find out the real story behind the torture Simon endured at the hands of a demon nor discover a way past the Fae warrior’s ice-cold reserve.
Simon doesn’t mind his reputation for being hard to please, but when he meets Serena he finds there is something he cares about more than keeping his distance from others. As they hunt for a kidnapper can he trust Serena enough to leave them both satisfied?

Angels and demons don’t mix. Prepare for an apocalypse.
Adar works as a special operative for SERA. He’s a demon who loves the thrill of close calls and blood-pounding action. But no way in hell is he ready to do protection detail for an angel. After all, everyone knows those guys are short tempered and deadly.
Penelope, a messenger angel, is minding her own business when she witnesses a crime. Now she’s under the care of a big, strong SERA agent and she’s determined to go for his heart. When the bad guys catch up with them and Adar is forced to unleash his inner demon, will the angel he’s fallen in love with still want him?

A fire prince always knows how to light a girl’s fire.
Saskia “Sass” Boots has been watching Flame, and he’s every bit as absorbing as his namesake. But as an agent with SERA, she’s determined to keep her mind on the job and off the fire prince’s smokin’ hot body. A pyromaniac’s on the loose and Flame is SERA’s top suspect.
When Sass announces she’s moving in with him, Flame knows it’s going to be hard to resist the girl of his dreams while chasing a murderer. There’s no way Flame is going to let some creep kill innocent people, but when things become heated, the scorching chemistry between him and Sass might prove a fatal distraction.

SERA Agent. Werewolf. Guard Dog. No one said anything about ‘walkies’.
After Sophy Bancroft is blinded by a spell, Torren is determined to protect the human from a killer still at large. But for a werewolf, playing at being a guard dog is tough work. He hates deceiving the woman he’s fallen in love with, but until Sophy’s sight returns there’s no other way to ensure her safety.
Sophy’s delighted to regain her vision. When she discovers her beloved canine companion is a seriously gorgeous werewolf will she be able to trust him not to shed on the furniture, and more importantly, save her from the creature determined to end her life?

Not even Hell itself is going to keep these lovers apart.
Mia Haviland and Avenian of the Fae mourned the loss of Oblivion, the demon prince who bound the three of them together. Now their lover is back and determined to re-take his place in Mia and Aven’s life.
Oblivion endured two years in Hell, imprisoned and tortured by a sadistic killer who escaped SERA’s justice. Now he wants his beloved Fairy and Fae back by his side and his captor’s head on a platter. Can he destroy his nemesis and convince Aven and Mia that neither Hell nor high water will ever keep him from them again?

Contact C.T. @:

Thursday Threads

Today’s Thursday Threads . . . is ME!

Son of Thunder


Title: Son of Thunder

Genre: Paranormal Romance

One Line Hook: The son of Thor has a lot to live up to, and no time for love.

Heat: Sizzling

The Heavenly War begins!

A prophecy centering on a mortal woman, makes her the focus of events that could lead to Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Norse Gods and the end of the world.

Know this. The Son of Thunder and this daughter of Midgaard will venture to the lands of Svartalheim and Jotunheim, to the very bowels of Utgard Keep. The power of the three artifacts will be reunited and the old ways will pass. A secret from the past is the key to the future, but a life must be freely given if the Golden City is to be saved.

From the icy wastelands of Svartalheim, land of the dark elves, to the towering peaks of Jotunheim, home of the frost giants, and right to the golden gates of Asgaard, the saga begins as war ravages the heavens.

Son of Thunder is the first in the Heavenly War Series, a combination of fantasy, mythology and romantic adventure.



The man looked like a god. Then again, he was one. . .
Jord Thorson was a god– the son of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. In his search to find his missing father, Jord seeks out the mortal, Meghan Larson, who is in possession of his only clue–Megingjörð, Thor’s magical belt of power.
But when the belt decides to take matters into its own hands, locking itself around Meghan’s waist, Jord and Meghan are plunged into the middle of a massive conflict that rages across the heavens.
Giants, magical artifacts, and a golden city in the clouds weren’t exactly what Meghan Larson expected when that amazing belt arrived at her museum. Now Megingjörð is stuck around her waist and talking to her in her head. She’s got to be dreaming, but with the wonders around her and hunky Jord Thorson at her side, Meghan’s not sure she wants to wake up.



Son of Thunder, available at:


S. C. Mitchell is also the author of Swiftly Beats the Heart, There’s no such thing as Werewolves, The Forsaken Templar, and Seeds of Immortality.

Find him at:




Amazon Author Page:

Romance Weekly – #LOVECHATWRITE

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Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

Into the Darkness

Whether you’re joining me this week from J.J. Devine’s blog, or starting your journey here, Welcome!

This week, we’re switching things up a bit with a writer challenge. We need to come up with that quick, go-to, 15 minute dinner idea and I’ve decided to present mine in story form featuring Jord and Meghan from Son of Thunder. This scene happens after the events in that book. Coincidentally, this is also the same meal I cooked last night. (Pictures are from that. Well, except for that one…)


It took hours longer than it should have for Jord and the other Asgaardians to round up the fifteen dark elves trying to sneak through the portal between Svartalfheim and Midgaard, and as Jord exited his hasty, but much needed shower, he knew the slow cooked, romantic dinner he’d promised Meghan was never going to happen. She’d be home in less than half an hour and he wanted something ready by the time she walked in the door.

Sliding into clean shorts, he headed toward their pantry. He could dress later. He needed to get something cooking. But what to fix?

He knew he was saved when he spotted the jar of red sauce. Beside it leaned a box of spaghetti.


“Yes!” He grabbed the big pasta pot and filled it with water, setting it on the stove top on high. He placed a smaller pot next to it and dumped the jar of sauce into that. A medium-low setting would allow it to heat up and simmer.

a man's place is in the kitchen

Now, how to spice things up a bit?

Jord opened a bottle of wine, allowing it to breath, then checked out the refrigerator. The mushrooms in the veggie drawer would give the bottled sauce a home-cooked, custom feel. There was certainly no time to make meatballs.


As he reached for the mushrooms, a tube rolled into view. Really? Breadsticks? He couldn’t believe his luck. He went to preheat the oven.
In minutes the pasta was in the boiling water, the sauce was bubbling in the pot with freshly sliced mushrooms, and the kitchen was filling with the warm aroma of fresh breadsticks from the oven.

He just had time to slip back into the bedroom to finish getting dressed.


“It smells amazing in here,” Meghan said, as she entered the kitchen. “You must have been cooking all afternoon.”



“Nah,” Jord answered. “It’s just a little something I whipped up. Wine?”


Meghan wrapped her arms around him and bought her lips to his. The kiss was filled with passion and promise. “I’ll have to see if I can whip something up for desert.”


We’ll close the curtains right here, and leave these two to their romantic evening.

So, what’s for dinner over at Jeana E. Mann’s place tonight. Click here to find out: