Something New.

The feedback received after Tuesday’s flash fiction piece got me thinking. I had this similar story I’d written a couple of years ago. Should i do something with it?


So I pulled it out and dug in, updating and editing. I’m happy with the result and plan to release it soon as a stand alone short story.


Here’s the cover and blurb:

Dark Awakening half Cover


After Heather Corbin died, her life took a real turn.

Reviving in a younger version of her body, Heather finds herself in a strange laboratory in the company of robots and a younger, sexier version of her husband Jim.

On top of that, she discovers she’s one hundred years in the future, and one of only a few living people on Earth. Does humanity even stand a chance?

reGenesis: Dark Awakening is a romantic short story set in a dark future world, featuring hot sex and romantic reawakenings. 18+



Will I do anything else with the reGenesis series?

Only time will tell. There’s certainly more to tell.

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