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Six authors. Six stories of Valentine’s Day romance including mine, Valentine’s Day Canceled, the next installment of the Heavenly War series. Pre-order now and have it for Valentine’s day.

MySexyValentine600 Digital


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Thursday Threads

Today on Thursday threads we highlight R. B. Austin‘s wonderful novel, Fallen Redemption:



Killing Fallen to save mankind is Cade’s redemption for murder and only one human—mouthwatering and absolutely forbidden—stands in his way.


Cade committed himself to saving lives before he learned the full consequences of his life-altering decision. It wasn’t until he was tending his sick wife that he learned the enormity of what he’d done and he was unable to save her from the monster he had become. Consumed with guilt and praying for absolution, he threw himself into killing every Fallen he could find to save the humans he’d sworn to protect. But then Emma, deliciously mortal and completely forbidden, swept into his world, stirring an overpowering desire. Now he’s not only fighting soulless creatures, but also his inner cravings, trying to maintain his distance and continue on his path to forgiveness. He won’t lose control again and lose another love.


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Romance Weekly – Great Beginnings

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Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

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Welcome. If you’re joining me from J.R.Richardson’s blog, or if you are starting your blog hop here, welcome.   Cursed be the Wicked final

Have you read her amazing novel, Cursed be the Wicked? What are you waiting for?

Nobody's Angel  This week were talking about great beginnings. Sarah Hegger gave us this challenge:


A great opening line draws the reader in, makes them want to know more and compels them to read further. Share a great opening line, can be a classic or a more recent novel, tell us why you like it and then share the opening line to your newest WIP.

The opening line sets the tone of the whole book, and it’s probably the hardest line to write (at least before you hit that wall that is the second line).


Call me IshmaelMoby-Dick

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.Pride and Prejudice

It was a dark and stormy nightPaul Clifford (Okay, maybe not so much)


Anyway, when I think of great first lines, I always think of:

Rukbat, in the Sagittarian sector, was a golden G-type star.

If you recognize that line, then you are acquainted with an author who is probably my biggest influence, Anne McCaffrey.

That line appeared, though it was not the first line, in the introduction of her first Pern novel. In Dragonflight, it was actually the first line of the second paragraph. Thereafter, however, it became the opening line of the introduction of every one of the following Pern novels.

I have fond memories of purchasing every one of her amazing Pern stories and opening to that introduction. It read virtually the same in every book, yet I read each and every introduction before diving into the story, because here this amazing author set the stage, and drew me back into her wonderful world.


And now, here’s the opening line (still open for editing) of my latest Hearts in Orbit book, Pirates of the Dark Nebula (Coming this summer from Soul Mate Publishing):


Yup, that’s it. One word.

Kind of underwhelming isn’t it. Sorry, I’m no Anne McCaffrey.

But I’ll bet Collette Cameron has a great opening line for you. Stop on over to Blue Rose Romance and check it out.


And also check out Triumph and Treasure, The first book in her new series, Highland Heather Romancing a Scot.ColletteTriumphandTreasure_850HIGH


Thursday Threads

Our Thursday Threads feature returns today with my good friend Tina Susedik and her novel Riding for Love:

Riding for Love Cover


Riding for Love
Romantic Mystery

As a child, Tina always had stories floating around in her head, but had no idea those stories could be put down in book form. One day her brother (yes, her brother) introduced her to Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Flame and the Flower. Tina was hooked and a love of reading and eventually writing romance began. She is also a non-fiction writer with six history books in print. She also has two children’s books that were recently released.

Tina has been married for over forty years and lives in Wisconsin. After careers in accounting and teaching (not necessarily at the same time), she found her career in writing is what fulfills her the most. When not writing, she loves camping, hiking, photography, reading and playing with her five grandchildren.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers of America.


Eve Dayton, owner of a riding ranch, rose above her childhood past and overcame the emotional damage her boyfriend caused when he married another woman. When someone starts sabotaging her ranch, Eve is desperate to find the culprit before she loses everything. Is it a coincidence or is the return of Denton Johanson tied to the mystery?

Divorced Denton Johanson returns to his hometown to help convict the embezzling controller of the family business. When he runs into Eve, he realizes his feelings for her are still strong enough to try and win her back. His fear of horses won’t get in the way of his goal and decides the only way to be near her is to take riding lessons from her. Can he convince her that his love is real and he is not behind the mystery surrounding the ranch?



“Darn. I’m late.” Eve grabbed her mug of coffee and the clipboard with her notes for the day. “I’m never late. Ever. This is what happens when you let a man get under your skin.” She jogged across the driveway to the barn. The clients weren’t due for another half an hour, but she wanted to meet with Tom early to go over her notes once more to make sure the horses matched the riders.

Her steps slowed as she entered the barn. Tom was talking to one of the employees at the other end of the barn. Since he didn’t immediately notice her, she took her time walking through the building, making sure the tack was all in place according to horse, helmets and riding sticks hung in order of size, horses back in their stalls from the field, and no stray horse droppings or straw littered the barn floor.

As she passed the row of licenses showing their employees were qualified as riding instructors, and she and Tom owners, he turned and waved her over.

“So how did your evening go last night, sweetheart? You danced quite a bit with Denton.”

“Yeah.” She batted her eyes at her friend. “You didn’t have anything to do with it would you, honeybunch?”

Tom laughed, threw an arm around her shoulders, and gave her a hug. “Ah, busted.” He kissed her forehead. “He’s not so bad, you know, Eve. He’s made some mistakes, and I believe he sincerely regrets them. But if he does anything to hurt you again, he’ll find himself lying in a pile of manure, face first.”

Eve grimaced at the image. “Well, I hate to say you’re right, but I did have a good time. I forgot how easy it is to talk to him. Besides, he can’t hurt me if I don’t let him.” She slid the clipboard from under her arm and started flipping through pages. “That doesn’t mean I’m still not mad at him. It’s going to take more than a few dances to get me into his good graces.”

“Give him a run for his money?”

“Yeah,” she muttered, glancing at her watch. “Now, let’s compare notes before our subjects arrive.”

For the next few minutes they walked companionably through the barn looking at stock, comparing horse sizes, and temperaments to clients. The stable of twenty-five horses ranged from duns to piebalds to grays and Appaloosas and included a few ponies for younger riders. Eve loved them all.



“I’ll take the slowest, laziest one with the shortest legs,” Denton said, interrupting Eve and Tom’s decision to pasture a smaller horse needing to be re-shod.

Eve nearly dropped the clipboard at the sound of Denton’s deep voice as she locked the stall door and tacked a note to the front for her staff. Keeping her back to him, she didn’t hide a smile at his nervous tone. By the time she faced him, the smile disappeared, but not the heat that had risen to her face.

“Mornin’, Dent,” Tom said, stepping over to the next stall. “I think old Della here will do fine for you.” He ran a hand down the bay’s forelock, over the blaze markings to her nose and slipped a sugar cube into her mouth. “Eve’s helped so many people learn to ride she’d teach me a few things, and I taught her to ride.”

Denton let out a breath of air and took a few steps closer to the stall. “Good to know.”

“Don’t be misled, Dent,” Eve said, following Tom’s hands down the horse’s face. “Della may be getting on in years, but she’s a horse and horses can pull a few tricks on the unwary.” Denton’s Adam’s apple slipped up and down as he swallowed a gulp. She pressed the clipboard to her chest. “Don’t worry, since I’ll be training you, I won’t let anything happen.”

“To me or the horse?” he asked.

“Good question,” Eve answered over her shoulder as she sauntered away from the men.



Denton raked his fingers through his hair and suppressed a shudder.

“Scared you, didn’t she?”

“And you’re enjoying it, aren’t you?”

“Don’t worry, boy. She’s never let a customer get hurt. Yet.”

Denton breathed a sigh of relief. He wouldn’t get hurt, not physically, anyway, he thought. His emotions were another matter. His heart tripped a little faster as he watched her walk through the barn.

The rest of the group began entering the building. Amazing how, in such a short time, a person learned to recognize someone, even by their black silhouette against the bright sun-lit entrance to the barn. The unmistakable buxom figure of Jackie was outlined in the door.

His breath left him and he quickly searched for a place to hide. After her seduction attempts at the dance, she was the last person he wanted to encounter. He still felt her body pressed against his, his arm muscles even a little sore from trying to stop her from performing the vertical bedroom tango publicly. The next woman to use his body in any way would be Eve, whether she knew it or not.

So desperate to be out of Jackie’s sight, he contemplated leaping over the gate into his horse’s stall and hiding behind her rump, then grabbing a shovel to start mucking out manure or take a hoof pick and clean out her hoofs. Before he could consider the wisdom of doing any of those things, Jackie spotted him.

He groaned. Everyone gathering at the end of the barn turned as she shrilled out his name. He moved toward her. If he moved fast enough, he’d get to the others and mingle, be able to hide among his compatriots, then shove her off on some other, more willing, male in the group.

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Twitter: @tinasusedik
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Romance Weekly – TBR, the pile keeps growing.

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Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

Welcome. If you’re joining me from Xio Axelrod’s blog, or if you are starting your blog hop here, welcome.

Festive Stocking Filled with Candycanes and Gingerbread Man
Hey, Check out her amazing novella, The Calum:


RedemptionforLiars_850 (1)
This week Elizabeth Janette asks: What’s on your TBR pile?



Oh that ever growing pile of books To Be Read.

Two piles really, because there’s the physical, paper books lining my shelves, and the virtual pile of books on my iPad. They collect ever so much quicker than I can read them. Just trying to keep up with the production of the Romance Writers Weekly group (#LoveChatWrite), and my Soul Mate Author friends, can be daunting for a slow reader like me.

And, I’m so easily distracted lately that…SQUIRREL!!!

Where was I?

Oh yeah…

Well, as the great philosopher Popeye once said: “I yam what I yam.”


So, here’s what I have lined up for the near future:

1. I’m currently half way through The Promised One, by C. D. Hersh.


2. After that I dive into the Advanced Reader Copy I just received, of Sarah Hegger’s Nobody’s Angel.

Nobody's Angel

3. Lined up next, I just have to read Geek Groom, by Victoria Barbour (I loved her Geek God).

Geek Groom

Any other current plans will probably be short circuited by someone’s new release, or a new distraction, but I do plan on revisiting some old friends in the coming months. Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age come to mind. And it’s been an age since I caught up on what Sherrilyn Kenyon and Nora Roberts have been putting out lately.

So, what’s on Mikki Cober’s TBR list? Click here to find out:

Cover reveal – My Sexy Valentine

Today I’m excited to share with you the cover of a book I contributed to:


MySexyValentine600 Digital

My Sexy Valentine will be released February 4th, and features 6 hot romances including my contribution, Valentine’s Day Canceled, a story set in my Heavenly War universe.

I’m looking forward to the release.

Romance Weekly – What do I do all day?

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Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!


Welcome. If you’re joining me from Jo Richardson’s blog, or if you are starting your blog hop here, welcome. Cursed be the Wicked final

Hey, and have you seen, Jo’s incredible Cursed be the Wicked is now available in paperback:

This week Xio Axelrod of Romance Writers’ Weekly, wanted to know: What do you do when you’re not writing?


The answer could be presented in two forms:

1. I find inspiration for my writing in my hobbies.
2. I waste a lot of time.


Hobbies? I got ‘em in droves. And never enough time.


Number one on my hobbies list is computer gaming. I’ve been an avid gamer for years. My current addiction is a game called Minecraft. It’s an amazing ‘sandbox’ game and I could lie and say how much building castles and other world aspects helps me build my literary worlds, but the truth is, it’s just great fun. I currently spend a lot of time on a shared server with about two dozen people (kids) building and playing together in our shared world. Here’s a picture of the ‘home’ I built in my Minecraft world.

Minecraft home

Now, most of my other hobbies got packed up when we moved into our new home (the real world one) this summer, and I haven’t unpacked them yet, but with the holidays behind me and winter at my heals, I will probably start to rediscover them.


I’m a model maker, and love creating miniature structures and dioramas. Most of my stuff is still in storage but I was able to unearth a medieval shop and an Egyptian pyramid I built from my pile of boxes:


One of my upcoming projects will be a lifelong dream of mine, to run my own railroad. My new home now offers me adequate room to make that dream a reality.


I spent (misspent) much of my youth playing in bands. Guitar, bass, keyboard, and just about any other instrument I could get my hands on. I still have a few in storage. Another of my hobbies I hope to pursue once again is music.

Bassman   DCIM100MEDIA
Speaking of musicians, what did Xio answer to her own question this week? Click to find out at:
Also check out her incredible romance, The Calum:

Festive Stocking Filled with Candycanes and Gingerbread Man