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This week Xio Axelrod of Romance Writers’ Weekly, wanted to know: What do you do when you’re not writing?


The answer could be presented in two forms:

1. I find inspiration for my writing in my hobbies.
2. I waste a lot of time.


Hobbies? I got ‘em in droves. And never enough time.


Number one on my hobbies list is computer gaming. I’ve been an avid gamer for years. My current addiction is a game called Minecraft. It’s an amazing ‘sandbox’ game and I could lie and say how much building castles and other world aspects helps me build my literary worlds, but the truth is, it’s just great fun. I currently spend a lot of time on a shared server with about two dozen people (kids) building and playing together in our shared world. Here’s a picture of the ‘home’ I built in my Minecraft world.

Minecraft home

Now, most of my other hobbies got packed up when we moved into our new home (the real world one) this summer, and I haven’t unpacked them yet, but with the holidays behind me and winter at my heals, I will probably start to rediscover them.


I’m a model maker, and love creating miniature structures and dioramas. Most of my stuff is still in storage but I was able to unearth a medieval shop and an Egyptian pyramid I built from my pile of boxes:


One of my upcoming projects will be a lifelong dream of mine, to run my own railroad. My new home now offers me adequate room to make that dream a reality.


I spent (misspent) much of my youth playing in bands. Guitar, bass, keyboard, and just about any other instrument I could get my hands on. I still have a few in storage. Another of my hobbies I hope to pursue once again is music.

Bassman   DCIM100MEDIA
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