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Riding the Storm Out If you’ve wondered in from P. J. Fiala’s wonderful blog or are starting your tour with me, welcome to a fun day filled with great flash fiction pieces.

Untrue Colors

Today’ s Flash fiction challenge comes from Veronica Forand who wants us to do some Flash Fiction – 100 words- using the words…Spring, coffee, and lizard.



FYI: I just returned from Garycon, a gaming convention in honor of Gray Gygax the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, so if I have gaming on my mind…well…


Are you game?

Stacey moved the figure on the game board. “A giant lizard springs at you from the darkness.”

She picked up the dice and rolled. Yes! “Your boots sustain three points of damage and your breastplate is now a pile of scrap iron.”

Jason set down his coffee. “Which means?”


Fitness. Strong man with beautiful, sexy body
“One sock and your shirt.”

Stacey drooled as Jason pulled his T-shirt up, revealing chiseled abs. Yeah, the hottest guy in her gaming club was ripped.

“You know, we could have just played poker.”

Stacey smiled. “Where’s the challenge in that?”

Jason raised an eyebrow, grabbing up the dice. “My turn.”


So, what did Mikki Cober write? Continue your tour by heading to:

Thursday Threads – A Pretty Penny

Today on Thursday Threads we feature Neva Brown and her wonderful novel, A Pretty Penny:

Neva Brown - A Pretty Penny

Clayton Brandt knows the cost of a woman but he never knew the value of a woman until Penny, quiet, efficient, and determined, invades his workplace then his life.

Penny, inadvertently, sets off a chain of events that threatens her life and the happy-ever-after that she hoped for with Clayton.

How they navigate through government agents’ plans, vindictive women’s plans, and their vastly different upbringing to find common ground to nurture a love that clings through all the troubles and trials takes the reader on a compelling vicarious journey.

Awestruck and wondering how a rodeo producer managed to have such a grandiose personal jet, Penny jumped in surprise at the clipped, commanding voice behind her. She turned and focused on the imposing man who extended a lean, hard hand for her to shake as he towered over her.

“I presume you’re Wilma’s little friend.”

His emphasis on “little” implied so much more than the fact that she was only five foot two, one hundred five pounds. She stiffened.

“I’m Penelope Ann Jones. And, yes, Wilma and I are friends.”

“I’m Clayton Brandt, your boss.” His icy stare chilled her from head to toe.

“Are you another of her projects, or can you do a day’s work for a day’s pay?”

Her haughtiness probably added to his irritation, but she wasn’t about to cower before this arrogant tyrant.

Stretching her neatly clad body and raising her eyes from his chest to his cold, gray eyes, she answered with an indifferent tone.

“I can do the work Wilma said would be expected of me, sir.”

She bit her tongue to keep from adding that she had a master’s degree in finance, held a CPA license, and had worked as a secretary all the way through college. Just because she had been following the rodeo did not make her incapable, just besotted with love.

He curtly dismissed her. “Get buckled up. The pilot is ready to take off.”



His woodsy scent and the feel of his hand still lingered in her memory. From her luxurious lounger, she continued to watch. He frowned at Wilma. His words became clear enough for Penny to hear.

“I thought we got through your ‘mother hen’ phase a few years back. Where did you find this one?”

Wilma’s longsuffering look made Penny strain to hear the reply.

“The ‘mother hen’ periods as you call them passed a long time ago. Penny is different. She was Jason’s wife, but none of our family even knew they were married. They’d been married almost a year when that bull killed him.”

“Then she’s a rich young widow. Why does she need to work?”

“Things aren’t quite what they seem. Jason never got around to changing his will and never had her sign a signature card to draw on his account at the bank. Being his usual distracted self, he just gave her cash. She had money but no permanent financial security.”

“So I guess you’re paying her bills. No wonder you want to put her to work.”

“Clayton, she was my baby brother’s wife and was ‘holed up’ in that fifth wheel at a trailer park with nothing but crackers and peanut butter. She’s smart and willing to work. You know I wouldn’t ask you to hire her if I didn’t believe she could do the job.”

He scowled at Wilma as she added, “I’d bet six month’s wages she’ll do a good job.”

“You may not have six month’s wages if she messes up. I don’t suffer fools and lazy people, as you well know. Right now, she looks like both to me,” he growled.

Penny let her eyelids shut completely at the hostile sound of his voice. A surge of adrenaline made her ears ring and her muscles twitch. Her anger churned, and her thoughts raced. Just who does this aging Adonis with a Neanderthal attitude think he is? Wilma thinks he hung the moon, and he acts like she is just some inconsequential employee when, in reality, she shields him from all kinds of thorny situations every day. She’s always telling me about the mountain of work she does to smooth the way for him. What an insufferable man!




Romance Weekly – My current WIP

Love Write Chat

Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

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Riding the Storm Out

If you’ve wondered in from P. J. Fiala’s wonderful blog or are starting your tour with me, get ready for a glimpse of the future, as we reveal our current works in progress.

Sing To Me

Today Raine Balkera wants to know what everyone is working on ATM. Details & conundrums, plus five bonus points for including a wee bit of your favorite scene.


You better believe I’m going for those extra points.


My current work in progress is the sequel to The Blarmling Dilemma entitled Pirates of the Dark Nebula. I’m about halfway through writing the story and it’s shaping up nicely.


Here’s the blurb:


It can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Luna Callista holds the key to a galaxy changing new technology. Captured by a ruthless band of deep-space pirates, she’s rescued by a man filled with dark secrets of his own. Who is Rik Mazar?

Galactic protector or rogue pirate?

After three years undercover among the Brotherhood of the Dark Nebula, Rik Mazar isn’t sure what side of the law he’s walking. In a world of murder and betrayal, his life goes on the line every day. But, protecting Luna Callista means putting his heart in as much danger as his hide.

A rusting service droid, a Ferang fortuneteller, and a ship full of back-water refugees are their only allies, as two hearts go into orbit to save a galaxy in peril.

Hearts in Orbit: Volume 2 – Pirates of the Dark Nebula is a science fiction romance set in the far-flung space traveling future, continuing the series’ course across a galaxy filled with love and adventure.


And here’s that snippet:

Narko’s gaze shifted to Rik. “Whadaya want me ta do, boss?”

Rik forced a smirk. “Get the old woman a coat. One of those sub-zero, radiant assault jackets. If the woman’s cold, let’s give her an oven.”

Narko chuckled and nodded his head, then his gaze fell on to Luna. “What about her?”

Only then did Rik let his real emotions show. The smile that crossed his face and the open lust he let show would certainly be misinterpreted by the pirate. “Leave her with me. Maybe I can teach her to be a bit more civil when she asks for something.”

Rik had Luna in his arms the moment the door closed behind Narko. “Is everyone alright? Are you alright?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, diving in for a kiss. The purring rumble in Luna’s throat and the passion she poured into the kiss spoke volumes. Had she missed him as much as he’d missed her?

He wanted her so badly, but still wore the dust and grime of his recent mission. Not like this. He pulled back. “I need a shower.”

“A shower?” Lust-filled joy twinkled in Luna’s eyes.



Hearts in Orbit: Volume 2 – Pirates of the Dark Nebula is scheduled for release this summer from Soul Mate Publishing.


Now click HERE to find out what Katie O’Connor is currently working on.

Rekindled Fire


Thursday Threads – Blood Brothers

Today on Thursday Threads we feature Blood Brothers, Book tow of The Turning Stone Chronicles by the incredible writing duo known as C. D. Hersh:

CDHershBlood Brothers Cover

TITLE: Blood Brothers, Book two The Turning Stone Chronicles
GENRE: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

InDtale Magazine, in their November 17, 2014 four and half star review, said ““The Promised One” takes paranormal and turns it on its ear, taking shape-shifting to a whole other level.” The unique shape shifting found in the first book of The Turning Stone Series gets even more surprising as Promised One Rhys Temple discovers his abilities surpass those of any other Turning Stone Member. Take a peek at the excerpt from book two Blood Brothers and discover what Rhys can do.

When Delaney Ramsey is enlisted to help train two of the most powerful shape shifters the Turning Stone Society has seen in thousands of years, she suspects one of them is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. To complicate matters, the man has a secret that could destroy them all. Bound by honor to protect the suspect, Delaney must prove his guilt without losing her life to his terrible powers or revealing to the police captain she’s falling for that she’s a shape shifter with more than one agenda.

The minute Captain Williams lays eyes on Delaney Ramsey, he knows she’s trouble. Uncooperative, secretive, and sexy, he can’t get her out of his mind. When he discovers she has a personal agenda for sifting through all the criminal records in his precinct, and secretly investigating his best detective, he can’t let her out of his sight. He must find out what she’s looking for before she does something illegal. If she steps over the line, he’s not certain he can look the other way for the sake of love.


Grumbling, Rhys unlocked the door to Alexi’s house and ushered in Eli. “Don’t know why I couldn’t have stayed with Alexi in the hospital.”

“I told ye, laddie, we havetae prepare for the council meeting. They’re going tae want tae know what ye can do.”

Rhys glanced at his watch. “In four hours? It took Alexi years.”

“She hasnae the innate skill ye do. Tae draw power from the rings o’ other shifter hasnae been done in thousands o’ centuries and ye did it. Twice.”

Had his hasty decision to join the Turning Stone Society been a bad idea? But it tied him to Alexi, in multiple ways. He didn’t regret that. Rhys hung his Stetson on the hall rack and then shrugged out of his coat. “Where do we start?”

“With something ye’ve already done. Ye can try tae pull oot my life force.”

Rhys backed away, hands in the air. “No way. I’m not fond of you, but I don’t want to kill you, old man.”

“Ye’ll nae harm me. I’ll control the contact. Ye need tae do whatever ’twas ye did the first time.”

“Don’t know what I did.”

Eli stroked his beard. “Then we’ll wing it.” He held his hands out to Rhys. “Take both o’ my hands. ’Twas closed contact the first time.”

“Alexi was here. Don’t we need three?”

“Mayhaps not. Since ye have yer own ring, ye’ll have more power.” Eli waggled his hand at Rhys. “Come on, laddie.”

He slowly grasped Eli’s gnarled hands, keeping a loose grip the old man could easily break. Nothing happened. “Now what?”

“Think about my hirt pumping and see if you can will it tae slow, or race.”

Concentrating, Rhys stared into Eli’s eyes. Then he remembered the visions of the future Eli had given him in the ER while Alexi was still unconscious. He’d no desire to see terrible omens again.


Quickly, he unfocused his gaze to see all of Eli’s face. The old man’s features doubled and softened.

Rhys slowed his breathing, like he had when he’d prepared to take a marksman shot on the Iraqi battlefront. The measured beat of his heart, slow and steady, thrummed in his ears. He thought about Eli, pictured his blood racing through his veins. The rhythm of Rhys’ blood pounding in his ears hiccupped, a second beat joining in. Startled, he moved his focus off Eli. The air surrounding them shimmered.

“Yer doing it, laddie,” Eli whispered in a strained voice.

The tone caused Rhys to return his gaze to Eli’s face. Gray. Like his buddies in Iraq before they died. “You okay?”

“Aye. Keep going.”

Tapping into the double heartbeats, Rhys let the rhythm drop into a muted background noise, keeping a steady focus on Eli’s face. His features doubled and then wavered. Rhys blinked, and a woman’s face appeared, partially transposed over Eli’s. Startled, Rhys tried to drop Eli’s hands but the old man gripped tighter.

“Dinna stop,” he commanded. “Concentrate.”

Rhys focused. The woman’s features shifted, and Eli disappeared completely. His grip changed, his hands becoming smaller and softer. Rhys yanked away and stumbled backward.

A woman stood where Eli had been, staring at him with a startled expression that matched Rhys’ confusion.

“By the Druid’s beard,” she said. “What did ye do?”

“Where’s Eli?”

The woman’s form wavered for a second, and Eli appeared in her place. He staggered forward and grabbed Rhys’ shoulder, steadying himself. “Isnae there anything ye canna do, laddie?”

“What just happened?”

“Ye pulled oot my alter ego.” His knees dipped, and Rhys grabbed his elbow. “And I think a bit o’ my life force.”

“Let’s get you seated.” Rhys led Eli to the kitchen and lowered him onto a chair. “Your alter ego is a woman?”

“Aye. And sae will yours be. All the men have female alter egos.”

“And the women have men?” That would explain the man he’d seen Alexi change from the night he discovered she was a shape shifter.

“How did ye do that?” Eli said.

“You mean you don’t know?”

“Nay. I’m hoping ye can describe it, for I’ll be wanting ye tae do it agin, but without the life force pulling part. While I can withstand it, I doubt the other council members could. We’ll not be wanting tae kill one o’ them tae prove yer a true Promised One.”



Book one of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “The Promised One” currently available in eBook and paperback on Amazon at:

Book two of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “Blood Brothers” currently available in eBook on Amazon at:

Book three of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “Son of the Moonless Night” is scheduled for release early summer 2015 from Soul Mate Publishing.

Book four of The Turning Stone Chronicles titled “The Mercenary and the Shifters” coming in 2016 from Soul Mate Publishing.


Social Media Info:
Soul Mate Publishing:
Amazon Author Page:

Thursday Threads – Dreams Do Come True

This week on Thursday Threads we are featuring Dreams Do Come True by Larynn Ford:


Dreams Do Come True
Book 2 in the Dream Trilogy


The vicious slaughter of cattle brings Lynzi Lancaster and her fiancé Layne Brady, a Fae raised in the human world, to the aid of his human parents. A neighbor with a grudge has returned to the area to settle a score.

Lynzi is only mildly shocked to find the tall tales her granddaddy told so many years ago about black panthers roaming the woods near their home were not only true but also had a twist, those panthers were two natured . . . werepanthers.

The renegade panther believes Lynzi is a witch and threatens her life when Fae magic is performed near by. Now, it’s up to Lynzi and Layne to bring down the big cats and keep her alive.



I drew the truck door as close to me as I could get it and waited for the perfect moment. I shoved it open with all the force I had to meet my attacker head on. With a loud thud, she bounced back, and fell hard on her rump.

Thinking that reality check would take some of the fight out of her, I stepped from behind the door. It was only hopeful thinking though since she scrambled to her feet and came at me a second time. She made contact this time by clinching both hands around my neck all the while chanting some strange words. Gasping for air, I grabbed hold of her wrists and broke the hold as I spotted Boone tearing out the back door toward us. She swung a fist, and I reached up with my forearm to block the blow.

A familiar hand latched onto my waist and tugged me out of the reach of the crazed woman. The loud smack I heard but did not see delivered caused her to fly backward and land on her backside again. I straightened myself, my hands clinched into tight fists. She had to believe I had delivered the blow. Layne’s identity could never be discovered.

Boone took his protective stance in front of me. “Mena, what are you doing here? Ms. Lynzi didn’t kill Del. He was executed by panther law for everything he did to me and Jesse and Mama.”

The crazy witch resembled a human crab scooting backward on her hands and feet, trying to stand, and regain her senses. I could almost see the steam coming from her ears she was so mad.

“You didn’t lift a finger to help poor Del and now you’ve thrown in with this witch. You will pay for what you did, Boone Weaver.” She raised her hand and started to speak in riddles again as if to cast another spell of some sort on Boone.

I moved around Boone with my shadow still covering my back. “This is your only warning, Mena. Leave this place and leave us in peace. Keep messing with me and my family and I will come after you.” I raised my arm with my fist still clinched to emphasize my point. Layne accentuated my declaration with a gust of wind powerful enough to knock her on her butt, yet again.

“I’ll get you. I don’t know what kind of witch you are but I’ll get you. And Boone, you only tasted the beginning. You’ll wish you were dead before I’m done with you. Careful what you dream, it might come true.” She scrambled to her feet and ran around the corner of the house and to the car she had left parked out on the side of the road.

“Lynzi. Are you hurt?” Layne was hovering again. “Ms. Lynzi, did she hurt you?” Boone, too.
I blew out a breath. “Whew. You both worry too much.

I’m fine. Not a hair out of place.” I shook my ponytail. “Which is more than I can say for Mena.” A confident grin spread across my face as I raised my left fist and revealed my prize. Several dozen strands of frizzy, bleached blond hair had been captured in my scuffle with the witch. “Ooo, she’s in bad need of a touch up, too. Gray roots.” I made a face as I examined my reward and wondered if we now had everything we needed to do the job of eliminating Mena from our lives.

Layne’s hands clasped onto my waist, he lifted, and spun me around in mid air. After my feet were back on the ground, I propped my hands on my hips. “Layne Brady, what if someone saw that? People don’t just fly around their backyards on their own. At least not here.”

“Hey, you already got the reputation as a scary ol’ witch, so why not?” He chuckled as he took my hand and led me into the house.

“Sounds reasonable to me,” Boone chimed in.

“You two best be careful with those smart mouths. I’ll take my broomstick to the both of you.”



Buy Link:
Twitter: @LarynnFord

Romance Writers Weekly – A writing Retreat

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Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

RWW also has a website with its own blog, a newsletter, and can be found on Facebook, and Twitter (@LoveChatWrite).


Mountain Fire
If you’ve wondered in from Brenda Margriet’s wonderful blog or are starting your tour with me, hold on to your hats because today we’re going on vacation to some wonderful writers retreats.


This week I asked the group to: Describe your perfect writing retreat.

I think of a writers retreat as a working vacation, and my perfect writing retreat would include a number of key elements.
1. A group of avid, romance writers.

Happy teenager women
Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like interacting with other creative people, and romance writers are the best kind of people. We all have a group of crazy characters talking to us in our heads, and wherever two or more are gathered, there will be shop talk.

2. A comfortable unique gathering space.

Door County Winery
It can be a cabin in the woods, a beach front tropical resort, or just a nice hotel. It’s preferably a place I haven’t been before. A new place to explore is great for inspiring a new scene in whatever I’m writing.

3. Good food.

buffet food
Whether ordering in a good restaurant or choosing from a catered buffet, sharing a dining table with a group of romance authors is always fun and inspiring.

4. Wine.

Red wine, cheese, walnuts, olives, pomegranate and bread
Come on, you knew this was next, and it really should be self-explanatory.

5. Some inspiring speakers.

Workshop 2Workshop 1
Maybe that best-selling author, or an editor from a popular publishing house. Someone who is ‘there’ and doesn’t mind sharing their experiences.



So, where is my next writers retreat? The 2015 Write Touch Conference April 24-26 in Milwaukee, WI.

Yeah, I’m stoked.


Sing To Me
Now I hear you. Where in the world would Raine Balkera go for her perfect writers retreat? Lucky for you, it’s just one click away:

Thursday Threads – The Perfect Duke

Today on Thursday Threads we feature The Perfect Duke by Dawn Ireland:



Title: The Perfect Duke
Genre: Historical Romance (Late Georgian Era)
Heat Level: Three out of Five

Back Cover Blurb

Known as The Marble Duke amongst the Ton, Garret Weston, the Duke of Kendal sets himself apart from his peers. Nothing will hinder his guilt-driven attempt to become a perfect duke. Nothing that is, save the alluring and imaginative betrothed he’d thought dead. His intended believes-of all things-that she is a Vicar’s daughter. The “perfect” duke needs a “perfect” duchess, but how was he to discern her suitability? Employing her as a governess to his niece seemed like an ideal solution. But whose “suitability” is being tested? His betrothed refuses to see he is beyond redemption. And most grievous of all, she stirs his blood, making him forget what’s important.

Cara believes fairy tales really can come true, until she meets the unrelenting and arrogant Duke of Kendal. He looks like a Prince, but acts like a Beast. Why must he challenge her at every turn? Her greatest peril is her attraction to the vulnerable, seductive man behind the title. A match between them would be impossible. But can she show him, without losing her heart that “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder?


“The horse seems to know you.”

“He should. There was a time when I practically lived in the stable. Storm was my favorite.”

“What happened?”

“I became a duke.”


He straightened and forced his features into a mask of indifference. “So, Rachel loves horses.” He turned to face Cara. “I can appreciate my niece’s fondness, but I can not allow her to frequent the stable.”

“Why not?”

“It is not proper for young ladies of her station.”

“Garret, she’s a child.”

It was the first time she’d used his name, and somehow, Rachel visiting the horses didn’t seem like such a large request. “I will only allow it if she uses the passageway. At least I can keep the knowledge of her visits to a minimum. If you come with her, you will need to use the tunnel as well.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

She blushed and turned away. “I’m afraid.” She said it so quietly, he wasn’t sure he heard her.

“Afraid? Of what?”

“Dark, enclosed places. Even as a child, I fell asleep with a candle burning.” She faced him and gave a small smile. “Perhaps I’m afraid that a beast will gobble me up in the dark.”

“There are no beasts at Belcraven, Miss McClure. I would not allow anyone to hurt you.”


“Never.” He started toward her and stopped. Damn, it would be better if he didn’t get close to her. As he left the stable, her whisper followed him.

“Not even you?”




The Perfect Duke

Romance Weekly – Writing Space

Love Write Chat

Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride!

RWW also has a website with its own blog, a newsletter, and can be found on Facebook, and Twitter (@LoveChatWrite).


If you’ve wondered in from J. J. Devine’s wonderful blog or are starting your tour with me, hold on to your hats because today we’re going behind the scenes to discover your Romance Writers Weekly writing spaces.

This week Elizabeth Janette asks: Give us the inside scoop on your writing space. Include photos, if possible.


Ah, my writing space. It’s a tale of two cities and three offices.

This past September we moved to a new city and a new home. Before that I had a wonderful office all to myself. Birds sang and the kingdom was happy.

The office I left behind.

Our new home has a large, unfinished basement, most of which I instantly adopted as my man cave and office. The king ascended his new throne, and the peasants cheered.

But as winter set in, a chill invaded the kingdom. I discovered my basement was drafty and cold. So the king packed his bags and ascended the stairway to find his winter abode, with a pledge to return when the spring does.

The once and future office.

For the winter I’ve moved into our spare bedroom. My kingdom now has flowered curtains. But while cramped, it is closer to the refrigerator and coffee pot. The king is content…for now.


The present, not so perfect office.

What does the future hold?

Some revamping of the dungeon no doubt, but there is also the possibility of that small 3rd bedroom…

Adventure awaits, and the kingdom never sleeps (at least until around 8:30PM).


Oh, and for a look at Kim Handysides’ kingdom, click here.