Romance Weekly – It’s not an adventure, it’s just a job.

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Today’ s challenge comes from Jeanne McDonald – Outside of writing, what is your day job? Give interesting facts about the job, and yes, Homemaker is a viable option (a very important one, I might add). What inspired you to take on this job and would you ever consider giving it to one of your characters?

New job old job.

Over my life I’ve had a wide and varied array of jobs. From my humble beginnings as a grocery store bag boy right through to my current retired status. I’ve been a store clerk, radio announcer, commercial copywriter, owned my own retail store (The Hobby Stop – dismal failure), night school teacher (computer technology), and librarian. I finally ended up in the world of IT as a desktop support specialist. (I have no formal training in the area, but it was at a time almost no one did.)

Yeah, this is me.

Yeah, this is me.

During most of my early adult life I also supplemented my income by playing in various bands. Country, Rock, and yes, I even spent time with a polka band. (Great fun, and lots of beer.)

I finally ended up in the world of IT as a desktop support specialist. (I have no formal training in the area, but it was at a time almost no one did.)

I.T. Concept






The job I am most proud of though, is homemaker. For five wonderful years, after the birth of my daughter, I was able to stay home and care for her and my son, cooking, cleaning, and …well homemaking.

I couldn’t have been able to do all this without the full support of my wonderful wife, who had a good, stable job.

Of course what inspired me to take on all those jobs was money. I never had a career that drew me for any other reason before I started getting serious about my writing. I worked to support my family and my hobbies. Writing, yeah, that’s my passion. It just took me a long time to figure that out.

So the closest I’ve come to giving one of my characters a job I had, was Jord in Son of Thunder. He moonlighted as a college professor (I taught night school for a technical college). I think when I look for jobs for my characters I look for something different, something I haven’t done (yet), because that’s what I always did while I was working.


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25 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – It’s not an adventure, it’s just a job.

  1. I love that you’re a musician and I’m betting you even know the Beer Barrel Polka! Based on all the things you’ve done over the years, you could give your characters a plethora of fascinating jobs!

    • It was the best time of my life, right up to retirement. This kind of beats it now, less poop to deal with, at least until I see some grandchildren. (Kids, are you listening?)

  2. Bands, radio, IT, teaching, and taking care of your kids – so very cool that you have such a varied resume! It’s so awesome that you were able to stay home with your kids. I’m sure they cherish those memories. I know I do with my mom.

  3. I agree that when I “found” writing, everything fell into place and I knew that this was my calling. And raising kids, that gives you more fodder for writing than anything else I know!

  4. Wow- My husband plays the banjo and I think one day he’s going to run off and join a band:-) I love that you stayed home with kids. Happy writing:-)

  5. Wonderful story, Steve. I never realized you were talented in so many different areas, other than as an author of course. Wonderful you’ve been able to realize your true passion!

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