#LSTRAATR – Lady Willpower

Welcome to another #LSTRAATR (Love Songs That Really Aren’t All That Romantic) where we analyze love songs to see just how much romance is really in there.

Today we’re looking at this classic from Gary Puckett and the Union Gap:

Take it away, Gary…

Romantic images and a good tune, Come on, this has got to be romantic.

Or is it? What’s really going on here? Is Lady Willpower just a cute, pet name, or is there something a little sinister going on?

We start with the chorus, and our first clue is: “It’s now or never.” This sounds more like an ultimatum than a love song.

In the first verse we discover that this girl is afraid of this guy, though he still thinks she wants to see him. He’s a little full of himself, but maybe we can give him a little slack. And he promises to take care of her love…IF…she will let him…wait a minute…are we talking sex here???

The chorus is starting to make a bit more sense now – “give your love to me.” He’s trying to pressure this poor girl into something she doesn’t want. And there’s that underlying threat of now or never. (Lady, take my advice…choose never with this guy.)

A key change. Maybe a change in attitude as well? Let’s see. We’ve got one verse for a little redemption.

Okay, I guess that clears up what this song is really about. And, how nice that he’s offering to teach her all about “the facts of life?” It’s no wonder she’s in hiding from this jerk. We can only hope that he doesn’t “reach her” before she can call 911.

Conclusion: This song is about a guy trying to pressure a woman into having sex with him. Lady Willpower might have to change her name to Lady Restraining Order if she ever wants to come out of hiding.

Amount of romance in this song: Any romance in this song is all on one side—his. And there’s not much there either.

1 thought on “#LSTRAATR – Lady Willpower

  1. Don’t think this is bad as you think. We just watched GWTW & this is just what Rhett Butler said when he left Scarlet with “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a…” He chased her throughout the movie but she didn’t accept him till the end when it was too late.

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