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Broken Chords

If you’ve wondered in from Carrie Elks’ wonderful blog or are starting your tour with me, welcome to a day filled with fun and games.

Today’ s challenge comes from Fiona Riplee: Flash fiction – Your hero & heroine are playing an “old-school” board game (one with an actual board or pieces old or new – just not a video game). The winner gets a special prize. 1000 words or less.
Stepping up for the challenge today will be Meghan and Jord from Son of Thunder:

Jord’s brow furled. “When you said you wanted to play doctor, I had a very different idea.”

Phoebe chuckled as she set the game board on the table. “Come on. It’ll be fun.”

“Okay, how does this work?”

Meghan crossed her arms and gave him that look. Gods, she was so gorgeous. “Don’t tell me you never played Operation when you were growing up.”

It was Jord’s turn to chuckle. She keeps forgetting. “They didn’t have this game three hundred years ago. I played with swords and axes. Iduna played doctor . . . when we needed her.”

“Which was often, no doubt, knowing your brothers.” Meghan arranged the cards and play money. “Well, this requires fine motor skills, something you probably never worked on.”

She had him there. “So you’re good at this?”

“I used to be, but it’s been years.”

I’ll bet you can beat her. Megingjörð, Jord’s magical belt, rarely had an opinion on their antics. Why was he offering one now?

Jord knew he was probably stepping right in it, but losing to Meghan was usually as fun as winning. “How about a wager?”

Meghan raised an eyebrow. “What do you want?”

“You, the couch, a big bowl of popcorn, and a Star Wars marathon.”

She rolled her eyes. “Not all six.”

You should hold out. For some reason, Megingjörð loved Jar Jar Binks. Jord gave the belt an evil mental chuckle. “Nope, just the original three.”

You bum!

“Done,” Meghan said.

“So what do you want if you win?”

An evil glint passed across her eyes. “The stuff . . . all day tomorrow.”

“This is so a set up.” And Jord knew he’d walked open-eyed right into it. Tomorrow they were scheduled to patrol Midgaard for wondering giants with the Asgaard security team. If she showed up wearing the belt and gloves, and wielding Mjonir . . . they’d all think he was whipped.

Well, you are. Jord shook his head. She’d so worked this out with Megingjörð. Probably this morning while he was in the shower. All you have to do is beat her in a game. Can’t you do that?

Probably not this game. Still, he shrugged. “Done.”

Deep inside, in that part of his mind Megingjörð couldn’t detect, Jord smiled broadly.


BZZT! The big red clown nose lit up on the board as Jord lost another round. Meghan hadn’t expected to beat him quite this badly.

“Come on, you’re not even trying.” It wasn’t like Jord to not give it his best go . . . unless . . .

“Hey,” he smiled. “When you wield a hammer, everything’s a nail. Face it, I have no small motor skills.”

As she went to remove the funny bone, she purposely touched the side, setting off the buzzer, then handed him the tweezers.

This time, she watched his face, not his hand. As the buzzer sounded, she was the lines of his mouth slide upward. I thought so. “You are purposely throwing this game.”

“Am not.” Jord was a terrible liar. His tone and whole manner gave him away.

Meghan shook her head. “The deal is off.”

Passion erupted in his eyes. He stood and walked toward her as he unbuckled Megingjörð. “I don’t think so.”

He whipped the strap around her and pulled her in for a kiss as Megingjörð buckled itself around her.

We won. We won.

Meghan soaked in her man, reveling in the touch of his lips and the feel of his strong lines against her. Still, in the back of her mind, she wondered . . .

She broke the kiss. “Okay, why?”

Jord threw back his head in a throaty laugh. “I never can pull the wool over your eyes for long.”

He reached back and grabbed a comic book from the end table.


“Thor?” That’s what the title said, but the person depicted on the cover with Mjolnir was female.

Jord continued to chuckle. “Dad’s having a fit, but it got me thinking.” He pointed to the picture on the cover. “You are going to be so much sexier.”


Defiant Bride

So, what are Leslie Hachtel’s characters playing? Find out as the Romance Writers Weekly blog continues at:

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