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If you’ve wondered in from Xio Axelrod’s blog post or are just starting your hop here with me, get set for some awesome Fan Fiction.

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Today’ s challenge comes from Jo Richardson – FanFiction is getting a lot of attention these days. Certain books have opened up the “pull to publish” flood gates, as it were – whether people like it or not. What fandom do you have a thing for? I want the title and opening scene (short or long) that you would give to a FanFiction you might write, if you were so inclined to, that is. 😀


I have always been a fan of the Marvel universe (Comics and Movies) and today I am inspired by this scene:


Ignore everything after the 2:45 mark, because that’s the point I turn Captain America: The Winter Soldier into a romantic comedy.



“On my mark . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1”

Natalia Romanoff crouched behind the oil drum, footsteps pounding toward her on the metal ship’s decking. Sounds like only three. Easy.

She kicked out and around, tripping the first, while springing up and over the falling man to land in front of the two that followed. Activating her wrist-stingers, she punched out, shocking the two pirates into unconsciousness.

Bound hostages lined the wall of the cabin ahead. The lone pirate that remained had his rifle trained on the prisoners.

Grasping one of the stingers from her wrist, Natalia activated it and threw it at the pirate.

Electricity sparked around him as the man slumped to the deck.

She brought her wrist-com to her mouth. “Hostages secured.”

Steve’s voice crackled back over the intercom. “Good work. I’ve got Batroc as well. Free the Hostages and meet me on deck.”

She smiled. “Roger Rogers.” He hated when she did that.

Back to date-planning for Captain America. That poor man needed some action. I don’t think he’s been on a date since 1945. Maybe Agent 13 . . .


Natalia. Steve Rogers shook his head. Did she even suspect?

As he headed down the stairs from the bridge, he spotted the Black Widow standing at ease on the deck below. Her sleek lines never failed to capture his attention. Did she have any idea how hard it was becoming to keep things casual? And now she’s playing match-maker.

The movement in the shadows drew his gaze. It was subtle, but he could tell by her casual shift in stance, that Natalia was already aware of the pirate to her right. I can stand back and enjoy the show, or . . .

Steve launched his shield. “Romanoff, get down.”

He dove toward her, wrapping his arms around her and taking her to the deck under him. Her supple body against his brought all kinds of ideas to mind. Yeah, this is so worth it.

His shield clanged off the Pirate before both dropped to the deck.

“I had that, you know.” Natalia rolled her eyes at him. Beautiful pools of dark enchantment.

Steve continued to hold her. “I know.”

She shrugged then her eyes narrowed. “What about Sharon Carter?”

His old flame’s niece? That was the last straw. His lips hovered dangerously close to hers. Resistance is futile. The phrase seemed to fit. He dipped his head and captured her lips.

“Mmm?” Her body tensed under him before surrendering to his embrace. She opened to him then. Soft, sweet, and incredibly tender. Words he’d never thought to associate with the Natalia Romanoff.

Breaking off the kiss, his gaze met hers. “What are you doing Saturday night?”

Confusion danced across her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m asking you out.” It wasn’t often anyone could catch the Black Widow off her guard. “And fair warning . . . if you say yes . . . I’m leaving the Boy Scout at home.”


As for the rest, I probably won’t get around to writing it, but if I did it sure wouldn’t be this:

So, what fandom did Eden Ashe write in? Find out as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:!blog/czp4

And check out Dragon’s Redemption, Book 2 in her incredible Dragon Lore series:

Dragon's Redemption

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