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Falling Stars

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Mountain Fire

Today on our blog hop Brenda Margriet provided our topic: Let’s talk about “Firsts.” Everyone can choose their top three “First” memories and write about those (they don’t have to be on the list here). Some suggestions are: First book you remember reading (or being read to you). First romance novel you fell in love with. First “big” trip (eg. out of country, out of state/province, without parents). First love/kiss. First pet. First Christmas/other holiday (eg. when you were a child, after you were married, after your first child.)



So lets dive in. Here are my three “firsts.”

My first book love:


My early years were spent with my nose in a comic book most of the time. I loved stories, but was not much of a fan of words without pictures. Until I stumbled upon Robert E. Howard’s Conan series about the age of fourteen. Suddenly I had no trouble drawing the pictures in my mind. It’s what started my love of reading.


My first Romance:


You never forget your first romance. Mine was Enchanted by Nora Roberts. My wife handed it to me after checking it out at the library and said, “You might like this.” Boy did I ever.


My first published book:


Swiftly Half Cover3

Cover created in Microsoft Paint. A self-publishing experiment. It had it’s issues, but it was all mine. It still is. And if you’d like a copy, I’ve got it up for FREE today. New cover, and a bit more editing:



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9 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – Firsts

  1. Heading to Amazon right now – unless it’s on Kobo? 😉 I’d like to be able to remember my first romance, but it is lost in the mists of time and failing memory. Although I do remember receiving a huge box of Harlequin’s from a neighbour after his wife passed – it was probably one of those!

  2. Definitely going to get it now! I can’t wait until I get to say this is my first published book. I bet it’s a fantastic feeling. I love that you did the cover of your book!

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