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Welcome to the romance Writers Weekly blog hop, where every week a great group of romance writers answer questions and accept challenges. Diverse in what we write, we are unified in the quest to bring you, the romance reader, a very happy ever after.

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Mountain Fire

If you’ve just hopped over from Brenda Margriet’s blog, or are starting your hop here, welcome to a day of inspiration.


And check out an excerpt from the amazing Mountain Fire  by Brenda Margriet at:—excerpt.html


Cheyenne Bride


Today’s questions come from J.J. Devine – What inspires you? Music? Reading? Movies? People in your life? Situations in life? What gets you motivated to sit down and write?


I’ve found a new way to get inspired, and I’m really loving it.

My latest project came to me while searching for pictures on a stock photo site. I just stumbled across this picture:

Handsome Robotic Man Wearing Leather Jacket

Oh man, did it speak to me. A story started to bubble out that I couldn’t hold back. This picture led to others as the plot started consuming me.


Do you see a story in these pictures? I sure did. My working title is One Hot Zombiebot. I think it’s going to be fun.


Will I continue to let pictures inspire my writing? Hard to tell. I suppose it would have to be the right picture at the right time. But if this story is any indication, I’m betting on yes.


Now hop on over to A.S. Fenichel’s blog at to find out what inspires her.

And don’t forget to check out Betrayal, Book three of her amazing Demon Hunters series:


12 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – Inspiration

    • This one’s not really what I would consider a true zombie book, but the “walking dead” concept does work. I do also have a true zombie romance on the back burner I hope to get at soon.

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