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Today’s topic comes from Victoria Barbour – If your life was a romance novel, what subgenre would it be, and why would your heroine be amazing? Also, what would you call it? Can you write a blurb for it?



Subgenre: Lets label it a steamy contemporary that just accidentally got shelved with the sweet romances.

Why my heroine is amazing: They say that behind every famous man there a great woman standing behind him. To stand behind a not-so-famous man, especially one who wants to be a romance writer… that’s amazing!


Title: Sleepy in Sheboygan

Hey, I even made a cover:

Sleepy in Sheboygan


Passion erupts with all the intensity of Leave It To Beaver as retired sexagenarians Laurie and Steve leave their home town of 37 years to move to the big city. Waistlines expand rapidly with the discovery of each new fabulous restaurant and heads spin in the tasting rooms of numerous local wineries.

As winter closes in on them, that quiet new home in the quiet neighborhood sizzles with each new episode of Top Chef they consume.

But when Steve oversleeps on garbage day, it’s all they can do to get the bags to the curb on time.

Sure to spark an afternoon nap, Sleepy in Sheboygan is the first book in the Are You Kidding Me? He’s Making This A Series? series.


Look out New York Times Bestsellers List, here I come.


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4 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – My Life As A Romance Novel

  1. Oh my goodness, Steve! I just about spit out my soup! I love your blurb – I often say true romance means taking out the garbage without being asked, so your conflict is right up my alley! Loved it!

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