Romance Writers Weekly – What has it gots in its pocketses???

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When Time Falls Still

I get the dubious honor of kicking off today’s blog hop where today Brenda Margriet asks: What’s in your purse? What does what you carry tell others about you?

And check out this excerpt from Brenda’s amazing novel When Time Falls Still: <Click Here>

Well, I don’t carry a purse, or a murse for that matter, but I do carry a bit of stuff around with me in my pockets.

So let’s take a look:

Not exactly Batman's Utility Belt

Keys: Car, house, and all those little bar-code cards you need to shop just about anywhere nowadays.

Pocket knife: For opening packages, cutting strings & threads, and general guy-tool usage.

Nail Clipper: Grooming, precision cutting strings and wires, another multi-purpose tool.

Chap Stick: Necessary especially during Wisconsin winters.

Breath Strips: Because you never know…

Wallet: Cash, Credit Cards, Drivers License.

Business Card Case


Puppy Poop Bag (I don’t have a dog, but I do walk my daughter’s puppy on a daily basis. Always good to have a backup.)

Not Pictured: My iPhone, because I used it to take the picture.

Now hop on over to Xio Axelrod’s blog to see what she carries with her:

But before you leave,check out one of my favorite new series, Xio’s amazing Falling Stars series:

Falling StarsFS_Starlight_600-188x300

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