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Game On by Dani Jace

Game On by Dani Jace

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Click to check out Brenda's wonderful new novel, When Time Falls Still

Click to check out Brenda’s wonderful new novel, When Time Falls Still

Today our topic was submitted by Brenda Margriet – What kind of animal person are you? Do you have pets? If so, how do they influence your writing, or don’t they? What is the most unusual pet you’ve had, either as a child or adult?

I’ve only really owned one pet, a golden lab named Elvis that I acquired from a friend back before i was married. Every other pet in my life has owned me.

Elvis taught me, I’m not really a pet person.Taking care of kids was enough responsibility.

Still, as soon as she could talk, my daughter wanted pets. We went through three hamsters, and dozens of fish, technically my daughters pets that I always ended up taking care of. All the while I held firm: No cats or dogs. Hamsters stayed in their cages (mostly) and fish in their tanks.

Then my wife and daughter conspired against me. I wasn’t even aware we were getting a cat until I almost stumbled over it coming home from work one day. Not mine, but guess who it adopted. Yup. Me.

Shortly after Tiger entered our lives, we acquired Tigger. I didn’t name them, they weren’t mine, but they always seemed to end up in my bed at night.

Well, time passed, and so did Tiger and Tigger. I still miss them, the rascals.

My daughter grew up, moved out, and got married. Her new cat is all hers, though Oasis occasionally ends up in my lap. Recently, however, she and her husband acquired a new family member.


Meet Luka, a beagle/dachshund rescue dog. Luka is my new best friend. Once again, not my dog. I don’t want any pets. But I see her almost every day for a walk around the park and a good petting session. And yeah, I sneak her treats.

To find out about Lyra Parish’s pets, hop over to her blog at:

And check out her amazing Weakness series:

Weakness series


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