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Today’s question comes from Jenna Da Sie– If you had to give up something – TV? Wine? Starbucks? What would it be and share how you handle it (or don’t).

Seeing this I instantly thought about Lent, and the act of giving something up. Then I was reminded of a rather off-color joke which ends:

…and he said, “I can’t have sex with you because it’s Lent.”

She answered, “Oh my! To whom, and for how long.”

I’ve never done the whole Lent thing. Giving something up I like doing completely for a limited time. I’m a ‘life is for living’ and ‘all things in moderation’ kind of guy.

The idea of giving something up that I like doing, never really enters my head, making this week a real challenge.

I did give up smoking when I was in my teens because it was expensive and stupid, but I can’t say I ever really liked it anyway. I could buy a couple comic books for the price of a pack, so that was really win-win.

Let’s see. What could I give up?

Wine – No way.

TV – We did give up cable a couple of years ago, but still have internet (Netflix, Hulu, Etc.) so does that really count? I haven’t missed live TV at all, except for Green Bay Packer games.

Starbucks – Probably, but not coffee. Hard to believe nowadays one comic book costs about the same as a cup of anything at Starbucks.

Probably the hardest thing I ever gave up was comic books. I collected and read the darn things well into my forties.They just got too damn expensive, plus the plot lines turned into running soap operas instead of the superhero stories I grew up with, so i cut that cord.

As for something I currently have that I’m willing to give up? Nope. I’m in a good place. No reason to rock the boat.

So what is Carrie Elks thinking of giving up? Find out as the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop continues at:

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